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  1. Nash

    Mary's adventures part 1...

    This is very important for everyone to see and hear about how destructive they are. Anyone who is interested in housing especially cute little baby sulcatas; beware! Your beautiful flower gardens and lawns will never be the same.
  2. Nash

    Mary's adventures part 1...

    Mary Knobbins/Knobbins is a handful. Your stories tell us just what sulcatas are capable of. It's scary Maggie! And she's only 40 lbs. At full growth they can reach 200-250 or more??? What then? I think we all hope and cringe that we don't run into your troubles. Glad Tortuga Mike is...
  3. Nash

    The best tort photo ever...

    And she is behaving so nicely Maggie!
  4. Nash

    Help! Inherited a Sulcata. Small for age and hasn't eaten

    And Maggie, she is another one you want to listen to ;); Mary Knobbins, one of her torts :tort:has given her an excellent education! What a character!!!
  5. Nash

    Help! Inherited a Sulcata. Small for age and hasn't eaten

    Hello! There are many here that give advice but the ones to listen to are Tom, Yvonne and Mark. This isn't their first rodeo. They are very active and old timers to this site. They have given lots of advice to MANY people. Please listen to them. A lot of the other folks I see giving you...
  6. Nash

    Mary K (warning..long and boring)

    Maggie your stories with Mary Knobbins needs to be told over and over again. People need to "get it". They are bull dozers and have a mind of their own. They aren't for just anyone. People have got to understand it takes a huge commitment and for a very long time. Thank you for sharing. I...
  7. Nash

    This may be a silly question but could my Tortoise get Covid-19?

    Good thing they make Ivermectin in an animal paste.
  8. Nash

    Sulcata doesn't want anything to do with his house

    My sulcata got down right angry when I introduced him to his new 4X4 insulated Tom's night box. He went on a destroying spree. He was 5 years old. I guess he was spoiled. We had built him an insulated shed that I could stand up in and realized it really wasn't economically good. We had a...
  9. Nash


    It's this simple. This group has yours and your tortoises' best interests at heart. Please listen to them. You won't be disappointed. I know, they helped me with mine along with so many other tortoise parents. We've all come back and thanked them. I think you will too.
  10. Nash

    Mary and the tire

    "I'm a little piece of tortoise (tin), nobody knows where I have been; 4 more wheels and a running board; I'm a Ford, a Ford, a Ford! Bump, Bump, Rattle, Rattle, Crash, Beep, Beep!!! Or is it Mary Knobbins! ???
  11. Nash

    Random photos

    Maggie, I have always loved the pictures that you send. I bet your place is really a neat little place. Thx.
  12. Nash

    What's the Difference Between Dwarf Pixie Frogs and Normal Pixie Frogs?

    Dear Tom and others, You have been a lot of help to me raising my sulcata. I need help understanding anything about the African dwarf frog. A young friend of mine has a fresh water aquarium. He is very excited because his little African dwarf frog has been singing. We imagine he is calling...
  13. Nash

    Newbies and Sulcata tortoises...

    What I get are those that out of the kindness of their hearts, adopt these tortoises that have been abused. It's idiots like the ones mentioned above that abuse them, then think, "oh well", don't care; the get rid of them and then folks like Maggie and so many other rescue them; these...
  14. Nash

    Newbies and Sulcata tortoises...

    Thank you Tom! I listen to you. But I can't leave out the rest! All of you together make a fantastic team. You all work together for the benefit of beautiful, healthy and strong tortoises! Thank you all!
  15. Nash

    RIP Grumpyface

    Dear Maggie, I'm so sorry! You take such good care of your tortoises and help us take care of ours. For something to happen like this helps us to be extra careful too.
  16. Nash

    Burmese Star Baby Photo Shoot

    OH, HOW adorably cute to both of you!
  17. Nash

    Happy Holidays

    Merry Christmas!
  18. Nash

    Summer Stars

    We thoroughly enjoyed watching your sulcata hatchlings. Looking very forward to watching your Stars now! Thank you for taking the time.