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  1. huaban

    Green Chicken

    Hi everyone, I am going to introduce my green chicken - Luigi. He is a male Eclectus Parrot and 14 weeks old now. He is still on baby formula 3 feeding a day plus soft food. His upper beak will turn orangish when he hits 24 months old or so. Eclectus Parrot is a special species in the parrot...
  2. huaban


    Here is my another baby, He was only 35g and 16 days old when he arrived at home. He gained 23g on the two months mark. I think its pretty decent.
  3. huaban


    The little guy is living in his outdoor home just hit 10 day mark. keep monitoring his behavior and weight. The last pic took on the day he arrived at home.
  4. huaban

    The First Outdoor Enclosure

    Hi Guys, I finished the 8 x 6 foot outdoor enclosure for my 5" aldabra tortoise baby. Obviously, I wasn't trying to put a cover over the enclosure because I will move the animal back indoor during the nighttime and no predator animals observed in my backyard and I have a security camera...
  5. huaban


    Good morning all, I am thinking to build an outdoor enclosure for my 5" Aldabra, this guy is getting big. What kind of materials can be used for walls and easy to get (from Lowes and homedepot)? I know cedar is toxic for reptiles, what about pine? or PVC trim boards? I am planning to release...
  6. huaban

    Little Alda

    I would like to introduce my little Alda to everybody in the forum. It came in on May 4th, I did not weigh it at the time, but I knew it got good appetite and pretty much crushed everything I put on the food tray. Weighed it at 314 grams on May 10th and 18th at 354 grams. 40 grams in 8 days is...
  7. huaban

    ID Greens

    Good morning all experts, I would like to have you guys to ID this green that I bought from Asian market. I offered a little bit to my radiata, he likes it. Just trying to make sure its safe to feed. One more question, I have pest control service every 3 months, the last time was done in...
  8. huaban

    Hand Feeding Baby Radiata

    Radiata babies usually pretty shy, but this one is pretty brave.
  9. huaban

    Aldabra Baby

    Hello everyone, S/He is a shy baby.
  10. huaban


    Hi guys, I am wondering if anybody can ID this succulent and tell me this is safe to eat. Thanks
  11. huaban

    Looking for a well started Aldabra Tortoise

    Hi, I am looking for a well started aldabra tortoise, size around 4"-8", need hatching info, pictures, and a fair shipped price to Houston TX. Thanks
  12. huaban

    Turtles and Tortoises Inc

    Hi all, I am wondering to purchase a baby Aldabra Tortoise from Turtles and Tortoises Inc. Talked with Jay via email, sounds like a good guy. I was asking some dollars off form the price, he recommended to send payment thru Zelle or cash app. The way we can get around with the 3% processing...
  13. huaban

    UVB Lighting Question

    I am replacing coiled bulb to Reptisun T5 HO Tube. I have read a lot threads talking about UVB lighting. So I bought a combo with one 5.0, one 10.0 and a fixture hood from Amazon. The product instruction says the 5.0 one is for tortoises, 10.0 is for desert reptiles. Really got me confused. I...
  14. huaban

    The Relax Radiata Says Hello To Everyone

    Hello everyone, Hope you guys have a great day!
  15. huaban


    So happy to being a part of the family. Looking forward to share and learn.