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  1. hollygaucas

    Sad News

    As most of you know, I have a Russian Tortoise named Pickle. But recently he hasn’t been receiving enough love and time from our family. We all had to come up with the decision that was best for him. We knew that he wasn’t having the best life at our home and that in order for him to have the...
  2. hollygaucas

    What other animals get along with tortoises?

    I have a pet tortoise, called Pickle, and 2 inside dogs, and a cat that would app possibly come into contact with him and would like to know whether they would get along. I am also thinking about getting another pet, but am unsure which animal would get along with Pickle. Not including any...
  3. hollygaucas

    Is my Russian tortoises shell okay?!

    My tortoise, Pickle, has been doing great in his new home but I have just noticed something on his shell. It almost looks like his shell is drying up?! The temperature varies from 90 degrees F on any normal day in the UK to 100 degrees F on a bright day. When it gets to 100 degrees F I tend to...
  4. hollygaucas

    Found the cutest name for my tort!

    At first I thought my tort was a girl so I called ‘her’ Tinkerbell, then I had thoughts that ‘he’ was a boy so I called ‘him’ Trevor. I then realised you can’t tell the gender on a tort until about 5 year old so I decided to name my tort based on a unisex name. But what? I was thinking of...
  5. hollygaucas

    Anyone living in England?

    I have a Russian tortoise, which is 3 months old. Not sure of the sex yet but am expecting to be a male. What tort do you have? Just message me and I will message back!
  6. hollygaucas

    Can I breed my tortoise?

    My Russian tort is 3 month old, at what age can she start to breed? Is it safe to put her in the same enclosure as a male because at the pet store she was with her brother together and they got along tremendously. Any feedback would be highly appreciated.
  7. hollygaucas

    Pyramiding tortoise, and tips of what to do?

    It’s all in the title really, but my Russian tort has started pyramiding. If it helps he is 3 months old and I have only had him for three days. He was like this in the shop when I bought him, is there anything I can do to prevent or cure this? Open for any replies.
  8. hollygaucas

    New tort and don’t know what to do?! Help!

    I have a 3 month old Russian tort, but my cat has been lingering around his closure. Should I be worried? He also has been sleeping an awful lot but I don’t know whether this is normal as I have only had him for a couple days. Please help! :tort: