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  2. yagyujubei

    Anyone else here tired of being deleted or fluffed?

    I just made a post here, and it hasn't posted as far as I can see. Interesting...Anyway, I simply stated that I just had several posts edited and removed arbitrarily. There was no promised notice. Bet no one is surprised by that. I am done contributing here.
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    13 y/o sulcata weighs 5lbs. HELP!

    I'm glad you posted those pictures. I was expecting something much worse. He doesn't appear t0 be in too bad of shape. For his age, though, he should be significantly bigger. His diet needs some work, and I would still recommend Mazuri to get him growing. The house for him depends, really, where...
  4. yagyujubei

    13 y/o sulcata weighs 5lbs. HELP!

    I can't stand a liar. This is a tough situation that you're in. I think it has fallen on you to attempt to improve this tortoises life. You can acquaint yourself with the proper care without actually touching the sulcata. A heated house for the winter would be a good start. Mazuri tortoise food...
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    WHAT IS THIS???!!!!!!???!?!?

    I think it very well could be an artifact. Find a indian artifact dealer somewhere in the area for ID. I would be very careful damaging or marking it until ID is made.
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    Y'all won't believe this.... Babies!!

    That's two more than I have ever found. I suspect that the toad may be the explanation for the missing one.
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    Y'all won't believe this.... Babies!!

    C'mon, it's not mortared as far as I can see. It'll be a breeze. Also, you won't feel guilty with every fire.
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    Y'all won't believe this.... Babies!!

    Good for you. I would take the round wall apart, and carefully remove a couple inches of dirt in there to search.
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    GIANT Spider

    They sail across on a line of spider silk.
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    Florida male rescue

    disc harrow... quote='diamondbp' pid='749349' dateline='1380659566'] Yeh it truly is. I don't know what could have possibly made that type of damage on his shell.
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    This little FEMALE has the best eye color, by far, of all my Easterns:
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    HI! Im not sure what species of tortoise I own

    I will give you a bump because I'm curious.
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    Is his beak to long?

    He looks fine. YOU try eating a floating (or sinking)tomato.
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    Ok Some Fun Plant Trivia ….Who can tell me what this is ?

    1/ Pachypodiun Rosulatum 'Gracilius' 2/ Thai Socotranum Adenium 3/ Pachypodium Rosulatum
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    HI! Im not sure what species of tortoise I own

    Are you in the UK, Jimmy?
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    Accelerated Scute growth?

    @ yagyjubei: how can you tell his actual size by looking at the picture? There are no references to show the exact measurement It's easy to see from your picture. The original natal scutes are there. I would guess it's about 2 1/2" long, not more than 3". Why have you determined feeding every...
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    Question re hatchling and Mazuri

    None of mine are interested in any type of vegetation until they're about two. I believe they need a protein only, or protein heavy diet at a young age. A couple of my adults eat mazuri (tortoise). For the classroom, they'd do better on soaked reptomin.
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    Accelerated Scute growth?

    This topic just seems odd to me. You have had this turtle for three years, and he hasn't grown. Your friend has had it for a couple of months, and it grows, yet you seem to complain. The lack of growth, is the real issue, not the new . To me, it shows signs of not having had enough protein in...
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    Florida Box Turtle

    Males have flatter shells in general.