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  1. MikeCow1

    Help. male or female or still too small.

    Need a little help here. This one is almost 7" and by that size my positive male had a huge tail. This one is staying small. What do you think.
  2. MikeCow1

    Is this a Russian or a Greek

    I never noticed before that one of my female Russians has some pretty hefty spurs. Much bigger than the other Russians. It made me wonder if she could be a Greek or maybe a hybrid. Here's a couple pics. Opninions?
  3. MikeCow1

    Help sexing terrapin

    I'm thinking female judging from the distance of the opening to the shell, males seem much farther to me, and the width of the base. Turtle is 3.75". To small? Opinions?
  4. MikeCow1

    Eggs Above Ground

    A couple months ago my leopard dug a nest and tried to lay, but nothing came out. Now, every couple days she's laying an egg wherever she happens to be. Often walking on and breaking them. The ones that weren't broken seem to have a very thick shell and are extremely hard. Do you think these...
  5. MikeCow1

    My Frogs

    Recently I set up a vivarium to keep some dart frogs. I always wanted some and figured, now's the time.
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    I do hope they're old enough for this to be productive. She's 6 or 7, he's 3 1/2
  7. MikeCow1

    New eggs

    Quite the surprise from my female three toed yesterday. She had just laid a couple weeks before and now, more.
  8. MikeCow1

    Turtle Source

    Early last week I ordered a male and female southern painted turtle from Turtle Source. I received them quickly. But, what they sent was two males rather than the pair I requested. I wrote them explaining the problem. I offered to pay for the third turtle if they would cover shipping. IMO, a...
  9. MikeCow1

    A couple new southern painteds

    Ordered a 3-4" male / female pair of southern painted turtles from Turtle Source. They arrived yesterday. Unfortunately they were both male. I'm trying to work something out to correct this issue. But, until then it's a nice looking couple of males
  10. MikeCow1

    Cupid, then and now

    When we first got him three years ago and today. Big coloration change. And a little bit of pyramiding that began when he moved outdoors
  11. MikeCow1

    Indian Star Growth Question.

    I'm starting to worry about my star tort, Ravi. When I bought him, from someone here on the forum, they told me he was a little over a year old. But, he still looked about hatchling size to me. I've had him for two months now, he eats well, (spring mix, catus, Mazouri, etc...) and gets sunlight...
  12. MikeCow1

    Our new leopard.

    We were in Oceanside today, so I stopped by LLL. Really liked the way this leopard looked, extra scutes and all. Couldn't help myself.
  13. MikeCow1

    Water turtle (musk) problem

    I've never seen this before. My little musk turtle was upside down at the bottom of the pond this morning. He's alive but just kind of flopping around like he has no control. I suppose it could be brain damage from lack of oxygen for a while. But, just in case this is something anyone has heard...
  14. MikeCow1

    Box Turtle Shell Rot

    Wow, just discovered one of my boxes came up from hibernation with one of the worst cases of shell rot I've ever seen. Almost all of the plastron is covered with it and most of the scutes are gone or a falling off. Treated it for the last couple days with the Iodine stuff and then rubbed in...
  15. MikeCow1

    New Pond is Coming Along

    Decided to build a pond for my water turtles the other day. It's coming along pretty nicely. About 6 feet long, about 3 feet wide aroung 24 inches deep at the deep side and 12 inches on the shallow.
  16. MikeCow1

    Our newest addition

    A gorgeous Indian Star arrived today. Thanks AZ Sulcata.
  17. MikeCow1

    Female correct?

    Can this really be anything but a female? Almost 11" totally flat plastron ans short tail. However, she mounts anything that moves, complete with the open mouth grunting noises. Don't see anything like a penis exposed when it happens though. Just showing dominance, possibly?
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    Is this a female? Thanks
  19. MikeCow1

    Anyone know what this is?

    Trying again with this in it's own thread this time. There's a lot of spines on the stem like nettles but doesn't look like any nettle I know
  20. MikeCow1

    Helpful Russian?

    Weirdest thing yesterday. One of my female Russians had flipped on her back and couldn't flip herself back over. As I was walking over to flip her I saw the male headed her way. I thought he was going to bite at her, as he often does. Instead he went under her on the side and flipped her back...