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  1. rattboy

    North African Graeca update

    It’s been nearly three months since I began working with these guys. Although I got a lot of input about what exactly they are, I believe I may have two different localities of Graeca here. Either way, they are likely from very close to one another geographically. As many have written about...
  2. rattboy

    Tunisian or Libyan?

    I think I need more input to understand how to ID these North African Graeca. I’ve gotten input from keepers with a lot of experience however the ID amongst 4 keepers was split down the middle. 2 say all Nabeulensis. 2 say all Cyrenaica. There is so little published info on these two...
  3. rattboy


    Seeking one nice t.c.bauri female. PM or [email protected] Thanks! No poachers or illegals.
  4. rattboy

    Taking quarantine seriously

    I just wanted to share my recent experience from attempting to assemble a new colony of graeca in my tortoise breeding efforts. Many of you helped me identify some of animals via pictures here and for that I am grateful. I am posting this just as an example of how serious quarantine...
  5. rattboy

    Juvenile male...would you agree?

    Wanted to see if you all agreed that this creature appears to be a juvy male not a female (left animal was mistaken portrayed as female)... The animal is roughly 5" in carapace length. Detailed shots Thanks, Paul
  6. rattboy

    The Orange Male...

    Hi All, A few weeks ago I posted to identify a few of the greeks that I had and one in particular was id'd as the smaller terrestris locality. He's an orange specimen. I was searching for a mate for him and through a friend have found a possible pairing. I wanted to share this pic and...
  7. rattboy

    Sexing help and positive ID

    This creature is about 5.75" and has a relatively flat plastron. The anal scute looks female-ish but the tail is somewhat longish. At this size, I am leaning toward female given the overall physical attributes. Anyone else want to venture a guess? And lastly I believe its terrestris -...
  8. rattboy

    Introduction, new to testudo

    Hi all, I am new to the Tortoise Forum in general but an old timer in chelonia. I am a newb however with Testudo and have been following this thread and soaking up as much info as possible. I had the opportunity to obtain a small group of Graeca subadults and want to seek input from Dan...
  9. rattboy

    Seeking Golden Greeks

    I am interested in the captive propogation of this locality of Testudo. If you have any subadults or adult surplus animals, please contact me: [email protected] Thanks, PR