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  1. Lilliana21

    Flower ID…possible hibiscus?

    It's a Rose of Sharon
  2. Lilliana21

    This box turtles behavior is incredible

    Otis is adorable. THANK YOU FOR SHARING??
  3. Lilliana21

    Beak Broken Off - Advice Please!

    What Yvonne said :)
  4. Lilliana21

    Beak Broken Off - Advice Please!

    Thats what I was thinking also! Fast an done :)
  5. Lilliana21

    Should I first aid trim a bent nail of my russian?

    Great Job!! So glad you are observant, no telling how long he has been in pain. Happy now I bet. Congratulations on your Tortoise. Best of Luck!!
  6. Lilliana21

    Worlds largest cherry head

    I think they are adorable❤ love their little heads?
  7. Lilliana21

    Really white cherry head

    That one's going to be gorgeous when it's big. It's adorable now. Lucky you??
  8. Lilliana21

    Hi All! My name is Bev.

    Hello, That is so nice that you live where you can do this. I bet you will learn a lot. you are so lucky. Good luck.