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  1. Randy Micheals

    Variegated Moor Grass?

    Hi does anyone have experience with Variegated moor grass? To me it looks a lot like sedge but I'm not going to include it in the enclosure until sure. TIA
  2. Randy Micheals

    Happy and going into winter time

    We have really enjoyed how green it was this year and all the bountiful things we could add to the tort diet. Things will get a little trickier in the winter but we just got a big Oputina cactus to help with some variety. Hope yall are well.
  3. Randy Micheals

    A case for changing enclosure decor up often, a study into spatial learning and memory of the tortoise brain.

    In case you wondered if your tortoise gets bored of the same old setup, you might be right. Changing up decor and feeding locations will help enhance natural habits and conditions and keep your tortoise exploring and grazing. "The tortoise learned to perform reliably above chance...
  4. Randy Micheals

    8 leaf clover!

    8 leaf clover - This is an 8 leaf clover I found. Is it twice as rare as a 4 leaf? Dunno. But I promptly fed it to a dinosaur!
  5. Randy Micheals

    Good spritz bottle?

    I use spritz bottles for dust control, but after a week the spring is toast. I've tried a few different ones, anyone have a suggestion for a good quality spritz bottle that will last? Thanks!
  6. Randy Micheals

    Spring feasts!

    Hènri sure is thrilled to have spring fare again. Just finished buying some organic annuals for his edible garden, hopefully will have that finished soon and can share some pics. Today's salad consisted of dandelion leaves and flowers, some hawksbit leaves, broadleaf plantains, clover, and...
  7. Randy Micheals

    Research on the Mederterainien Dwarf Palm

    The Mederterainien Dwarf Palm could be considered as an enclosure favorite for Greek keepers, according to recent research showing an apparent connection to the plant in studies conducted on a wild group in South-Western Spain...
  8. Randy Micheals

    Subspecies identification

    @HermanniChris Hi Chris, Was hoping to catch you while you are online. Wondering if you have a sec to help identify the subspecies of my male Greek. He has a shell very similar to a marginated with flared scutes, but has the telltale Greek spurs on the back of the thighs. I was think Ibera...
  9. Randy Micheals

    Trimming back claws?

    I believe that I need to trim my Greek's back claws for the first time. Wondering how this is best done? His fronts and beak are all good from the porus surfaces around the enclosure, a few large flat rocks, some terra cotta. I was hoping these would be enough but it hasnt been the case with...
  10. Randy Micheals

    Mystery seeds from amazon.

    So I bought some seeds from amazon titled as tortoise safe dandelion seeds. Package arrived and I planted them (see pic 1). As time has gone on, they are clearly not dandelion, but rather a wildflower mix of some kind, with a pair of flower species that I cant identify. Any ideas to what...
  11. Randy Micheals

    Mother nature got angry

    Early this morning around 1am we had the wind storm of the decade. Warm but savage winds tore through the region, knocking down trees and leaving us without power nor water. Went out to look and I could hear the wind moaning and whistling and the treetops shrieking and cracking. The air felt...
  12. Randy Micheals

    T5 Uvb bulb for greek?

    Anyone have any suggestions on a good t5 uvb bulb for a greek tort? Looking to switch from mercury vapour, and product reviews seem to vary greatly. Tia.
  13. Randy Micheals

    Fiber for Russian

    The dandelion mix I bought from amazon to grow indoors appears to have no dandelion in it haha. The consensus seems to be that it's probably marigold, and theres something else developing was marketed as tortoise food tho, but I'm waiting to see? At least the clover was clover. Any...
  14. Randy Micheals

    Graeca ibera not drinking!

    Hi all, Having a bit of trouble with hydrating Henri, my otherwise healthy and happy male greek, approx 15 years old. My major issues is controlling his hydration. He refuses to drink from the terra cotta dish in his table, and will not voluntarily soak either. I try to keep his humidity at...
  15. Randy Micheals

    Hello from Randy and Henri. New to Forum.

    Hi Everyone, My name is Randy, I live in British Columbia, Canada, and I have a Greek Tort named Henri (French Pron). I tell people that he is my butler, but isn't great at bringing my slippers :p. This might be a long one, so thanks for taking the time to read. This is our story. I rescued...