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  1. 1289Gabe

    Black on legs

    So my little guy has had these for at least three months, and it doesn’t seem to bother him, but is it natural? His legs and some of his head is black.
  2. 1289Gabe

    My torts diet

    So I’ve been feeding my tortoise store bought dandelions and weeds from my back yard (see photo). But I’ve seen a lot of threads saying to feed them grass, but Leo won’t eat grass, hay, or anything like that. Is this okay? I also want to add that he chews on tiles a lot, is this mineral deficienc?
  3. 1289Gabe

    Happy Birthday Leo!

    Yah! My little leopard just turned one years old! And he still looks so cute?
  4. 1289Gabe

    Pink Lines

    Hey all! My tort has been growing, and in between the new growth is a weird pink line.
  5. 1289Gabe

    Enclosures for sale

    @Markw84 , I’ve heard you make enclosures, how much do you think one would cost? I have a baby leopard
  6. 1289Gabe

    My tort won’t come out of his hide. Is this bad?

    My tort will wake up up, eat, maybe drink, then go back in his hide and sleep. Is this okay? Are my lights to strong? I have a 5.0 uvb bulb (the long ones) and I can’t tell what kind of bulb, but here’s a picture :
  7. 1289Gabe

    Help! Weird Shell Growth

    Help! My tort has this weird piece of shell on the bottom of his shell. I can stick my fingernail under it, and could snap it off if I wanted to, but I don’t know if it’s safe.
  8. 1289Gabe

    Basking Heat

    My basking spot for my tort is 100-103 degrees, and the temp is 80ish all around. Is this good?
  9. 1289Gabe

    Weird Bite Marks?

    Kind of irrelevant, but when I got my tort he had these weird marks on the bottom of his shell. Was it a bite?
  10. 1289Gabe

    Outdoor enclosure

    Hiya all! I was thinking that I might make my tort an outdoor enclosure. He’s turning one in December, leopard tortoise, and I have a huge backyard. Any tips?
  11. 1289Gabe

    Pancake tortoises for sale

    I was wondering, how do you need to house a pancake tortoise? In a year I’m thinking about getting one.
  12. 1289Gabe

    Can tortoises hear?

    I know this sounds silly, but can tortoises hear the same things as humans? Cause sometimes when I give mine a soak I’ll play the piano for him. He’ll walk to the side closest to the piano and sit there listening as I play.
  13. 1289Gabe

    Aging my tortoise

    I got my tortoise as a baby last year for Christmas, but he wasn’t newly born, is there a way to determine his age? His plastron was kinda soft still when I got him.
  14. 1289Gabe


    My baby leopard tort seems to like rocks. Whenever I take him out, he tries to eat small pebbles and scrapes his beak on the stone pathway (it’s kinda rugged). Is this normal, or should I do something about it?
  15. 1289Gabe

    Light spots on my Baby Leopard

    He has some light patches inbetween scutes on his shell. Also a little on the plastron. Is this a problem?This may be irrelevant but he also spends most of his time under his log and when I take him outside, he runs into the shade.
  16. 1289Gabe

    Lasting enclosures

    How long do you think my tortoise can stay in this enclosure? He’s about 4 inches
  17. 1289Gabe

    Can You Tell What Bulb This Is?

    Can Can you tell what bulb this is?
  18. 1289Gabe

    how to keep a tortoise entertained

    How can you tell what kind of bulb it is?
  19. 1289Gabe

    My tortoise has been sitting in a corner

    He‘s been sitting in the corner next to his food for a few hours. Is everything ok.
  20. 1289Gabe

    Help Sexing My Tortoise

    Please help