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  1. Cherbear

    ID turtle please

    Well, shows you how much I know. lol. I'll post pics of him again in a couple months or so when he's a little bigger.
  2. Cherbear

    ID turtle please

    Thanks for your input, I really appretiate it! Well, it will be interesting to watch him grow and see what he turns out looking like. Maybe we'll be able to know for sure when he's an adult.
  3. Cherbear

    ID turtle please

    Hey, thanks for response. Your southern/western mix is really pretty. Don't midlands have more of a reddish coloring to them. I know it's kind of hard to see in my picture, but he is really orange, more like yours. Maybe I'll try to take better pictures. He's so squirmy. [hr]
  4. Cherbear

    ID turtle please

    I bought this turtle a few weeks back as a southern painted turtle, and I never really questioned it because he has a stripe down his back. Well, I had two hatchlings at home already and noticed that besides the stripe that he looked kind of different than my other southerns. The more I look at...
  5. Cherbear

    Florida Box Turtle

    Yeah, maybe they would take less without the tank. I don't know what box turtles go for.
  6. Cherbear

    Florida Box Turtle

    I don't know anything about box turtles, but I thought this one looked kind of strange to me. His enclosure seems very small and I'm only seeing a regular light bulb for lighting. I assume they need uvb too! I just felt sorry for him. [hr] I...
  7. Cherbear

    Stuff growing on glass

    Well, it's a couple of diamondback hatchlings and they were in a 20 gallon with one of those in tank filters. Over the weekend I got out my 40 breeder for them and added another in tank filter, but before I did I scrubed everything I could in very hot water the best that I could. I think it was...
  8. Cherbear

    Stuff growing on glass

    Would anyone care to take a guess, because I'm not even sure what to research for? I just hope it doesn't hurt my turtle. I guess I can try to tear the tank down and scrub everything. Although I've seen it growing on the turtle too and wiped it off with a paper towel!
  9. Cherbear

    Stuff growing on glass

    I was wondering if someone could help me out. I have noticed this whitish maybe slightly gray stuff growing on the glass and on other things in the tank. It's not flat on the glass like algea, it attaches to the glass or object and you can see it moving, but I think that is from the current of...
  10. Cherbear

    What do you like the most about Terrapins?

    I think their face just melts my heart, but they are just beautiful in general!!
  11. Cherbear


    I use this for my lighting. Also after I hang my light I use twist ties to secure it even more. I then tape the cord to the stand.
  12. Cherbear

    5.0 bulb

    Does it hurt anything if you use the 10.0 tube style?
  13. Cherbear

    Why did you choose your username?

    My name is Cherie (pronounced like Sherry) and my mom has called me Cherbear for as long as I can remember.
  14. Cherbear

    Eros and Gaia: a 1 year update

    You've done a great job with them. What are you using as your fogger?
  15. Cherbear

    Shorty, Duma, and some pumpkin.

    So cute. How old are they now?
  16. Cherbear

    Why won't my Emydura subglobosa bask?

    I used to have 3 of them, and only one would bask, but rarely.
  17. Cherbear

    Post Pictures of your Greeks?:D

    Now I see where she gets her size. She's not even two years yet! Just took these this morning.
  18. Cherbear

    Post Pictures of your Greeks?:D

    Keith, Would this be the mom to the greeks I got from you? Wow she's big!!
  19. Cherbear

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!!!!!!
  20. Cherbear

    Golden Greeks Pair

    Sold! Thanks