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  1. EchoTheLeoTort

    Finally home!

    Cashew and Pistachio officially arrived on July 17th, safe and sound, except for the fact that Cashew was flipped upside down, I gave them time to warm up before putting them in their new home. Right now they're in a big rubbermaid tub, with plywood as a lid with heat lamps installed to the wood...
  2. EchoTheLeoTort

    Introducing my two little leo's

    I haven't had a tortoise for a long while, and recently my girlfriend mentioned getting one for my birthday, and needless to say I got one for my birthday, after talking more with her and showing her pictures, she was dying to have one, so as a surprise I purchased another which she has no...
  3. EchoTheLeoTort

    I'm Back

    :D I haven't been on the forums very much lately, the chameleon forums stole me away! I thought i'd give an update on my tegu, and introduce the newest members of the bunch. First off, Cato my argentine black and white tegu just turned 1 year old july 2nd, I have not weighed him cause I don't...
  4. EchoTheLeoTort

    Argentine tegu update

    I havent made a thread in a long while so i figured i'd stop by and give everyone an update on Cato, my black and white argentine tegu. He just turned 6 months january 2nd. He is currently 35 inches now, i'm really positive he is a male. I also recently purchased my first tarantula, an...
  5. EchoTheLeoTort

    Cato is making HUGE progress!

    For those of you fallowing my tegu updates I am so happy with the progress he has made. He will be 4 months old november second. Right now he is 27.5 inches. The first 3 months he was unable to be outside, he would freak out as soon as we stepped outside and i would struggle to hang on to him...
  6. EchoTheLeoTort

    3 month update for tegu

    Cato officially turned 3 months on october 2nd, got around to doing a measurement today. Getting bigger :) 23 inches now.
  7. EchoTheLeoTort

    Cato Growth..

    This is a small update, for those wondering. Just went through a rough time with Cato. Last week I went to his cage to check on him and i noticed he was shaking/twitching. Obviously thats a big sign of MBD and I started feeling horrible. I didn't want to lose another reptile. So i reached out...
  8. EchoTheLeoTort

    Update on all my pets!

    I added a new member to the family, and sold one as well (the snake). My family thinks I am insane for having a bunch of pets, I only have 4! :) Here is my little leopard gecko Thresh, I got a week or so ago :) About 3-3.5 inches. Still skittish but getting better Here is my Argentine...
  9. EchoTheLeoTort

    Tegu is growing like a weed

    Cato was hatched July 2nd, when i received him he was 9 days old. on september 2nd he turned 2 months old... this little guy is growing! baby picture :) Tonight after a fresh shed. (tail isn't done shedding yet) [hr] Forgot to add.. he started out around 7 inches... and is now the...
  10. EchoTheLeoTort

    Leopard Gecko, help?

    My new little guy/gal. :) no name yet, should i stick with traditional hunger games characters? questions: can you sex leopard geckos right away? he's probably like 3 inches or so. Just wondering :) is he/she any sort of morph? I don't know much about leopard gecko's besides their...
  11. EchoTheLeoTort

    Cato Condo, the Tegu enclosure

    Okay sorry to keep everyone waiting and I know this is going to be a longer read but wanted to give some info., I have been insanely busy and I had to wait for decor to ship and come in and etc. Long story short, yes Cato now lives in his big enclosure because my dad was shifting the old tv...
  12. EchoTheLeoTort

    heating / lighting

    I decided to make a thread instead of badgering Tom again :D my situation is that I am mid process of building a Tegu cage for my baby argentine. The dimensions are 6 long 4 wide and 4 high. Basically today i got the caulking done and part of the door made, the front panel is not on, but we are...
  13. EchoTheLeoTort

    Tegu Enclosure.. How am i doing?

    okay so I came into a little bit of money after my birthday and I decided that by the time I need to update my tegu's cage into a bigger one, it'd be dead winter here in south dakota. Sooo I decided to build while i can. I had a blonde moment and when home depot asked me if i needed my wood cut...
  14. EchoTheLeoTort


    Its been almost 2 months now since i got my snake, and she just shed before she was shipped to me, so I never really witnessed her shed yet, until i took her out for feeding today and saw the shed skin in her cage. I snapped this picture because her colors were amazing, just thought i'd share :)
  15. EchoTheLeoTort

    For the humorous reptile enthusiasts

    Tomorrow is my birthday, and my grandma is having a party today for her birthday. She called me this morning and told me she got me a cake and i should go pick it up. was not expecting this.. :D I was laughing so hard! I think the baker did a good job at making Cato into a cartoonish...
  16. EchoTheLeoTort

    Cato Update

    I have had my tegu for 2 weeks now and I have to say he is a completely different lizard. When I first got him, he was really flighty and would run away from me and hiss and do his huffle puff hoopla when I tried to pick him up. Now, if I open the cage and say Cato come here, he will get up and...
  17. EchoTheLeoTort

    Can anyone say Lazy?

    Shot this last night when I put him back in his cage after feeding him some crickets. Little Cato was so full all he could do was lay and sleep. He is now getting more acclimated with my hand coming in and out of the cage, but i've cut it down to a minimum of only going in there to get water...
  18. EchoTheLeoTort

    Making a tiny bit of tegu progress

    ( I renamed the tegu from Niko to Cato fyi :p ) It's been 3 days since I got Cato, and he was only born july 2nd. I believe that the reason he is sooo hard to handle and he's super skittish is just because of his size and age. I've been working on handling him daily, about 2-3 times a day for...
  19. EchoTheLeoTort

    Meet Niko, my argentine b&w Tegu

    Got my delivery this morning of my little tegu Niko (pronounced like Neeko) . and when I say little i mean he is tiny (for now of curse :D ) Little guy let me pet his head when i first opened the container, then he let me pick him up and handle him. Seems pretty calm. Although I put him in the...
  20. EchoTheLeoTort

    The Tegu is coming

    As some of you know after reading my threads my only tortoise had to be put down do to HFS. I decided to change to a new animal because I didn't want to ever try and replace my little Echo. I currently said that I was saving up to get a blue tegu in August, but my grandma is going through some...