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  1. stena29

    My Crew

    Here are my Russian Crew...Thing One, Tortellini, and Thing Two. They are growing so fast. :tort:
  2. stena29

    lookie what just got here

    Just got then in today. Temp sexed females.
  3. stena29

    help me name.

    Got this little guy almost a week ago. Need help naming him. Nothing I think of is sticking lol :tort:
  4. stena29

    wanted female russian

    In the Market for a female Russian. Text pics of what you got. 5593597430
  5. stena29

    New member to my family

    Picking up my new Russian tomorrow any advice? Pics will soon follow.
  6. stena29

    Hot Dog

    Here is my 5 month old Sulcata Hotdog. I have had him since Aug. I had two hatchlings but Hotdog was a bully so I rehomed my other baby.
  7. stena29

    My new shelled friends

    Hi Everyone!!!! Its been a while since i have been on here...I started out with on Sulcata last year sometime. Now i have 6. Yes i have plenty of room for them. Here are some pictures of them. Everyone of them are either ones that I rescued or ones that I adopted from a rescuer.
  8. stena29


    :tort: HELP!! ok see the white lines going down? Now see the lines going across? Well they seem really big. Really swollen...and there is a pink line in the this normal for growing sulcatas? Or am I over feeding? If its not normal what is it? And why is it there? Is he growing to...
  9. stena29

    gosh he is cute!

    Can get over how cute he is
  10. stena29

    pics of my new redfoot

    I have been told she is a he. Lol. But here are some pictures.
  11. stena29

    new to redfoots...advice?

    Hello....I'm getting my first redfoot tomorrow. I'm getting her from a lady that can't take care of her anymore. She says she is about 8 inches. I have three sulcatas. She will be housed seperatley from my sulcatas....any advice as to care for them? Any advice I would appricate.
  12. stena29

    forum app

    Anyone else having issues with the app? It crashes allllll the time. I can't upload pics. I have tried to email the developer and it kicks it back for invaluable email. I love the app....just am not loveing the crashing on a daily basis...
  13. stena29

    joning Cttc

    I was thinking about joning the Cttc...bakersfield area.....those of you that have you have to go to the meetings to be on good standing?
  14. stena29

    hatchling question

    I have had my hatchling for a little over a month. She is two months old now. How long do they keep there egg beak? Does it wear off in time? Just curious...
  15. stena29


    My torts enjoying some carrots.
  16. stena29

    egg shells?

    Can I grind up egg shells for my torts? Is it safe? Need some opinions.
  17. stena29

    my babies

    Just thought I would share some pictures....this is malibu...chico...and Hollywood. Malibu I just got yesterday...chico I got today and hollywood I have had over a year now.
  18. stena29

    6in tort

    My tort is 6 inches. I have no clue how old she is. Just kinda curious about what her weight should be at 6 inches?
  19. stena29

    looking to adopt

    Hello I'm looking to adopt a sulcata. I live in California central area. I already have one. So I know all about them. I have plenty of room for houseing and speration. Please private message me. Thank you.
  20. stena29

    wanna trade?

    I have a three toed box turtle I wanna trade for sulcata. I like them better then the box turtles. I live in portrrville ca. Private message me and I can email or text pictures of him if your interested. Thank you.