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  1. Happytort27

    Spring Weeds!

    Hello! I found a lot of healthy plants when I was walking my dogs, and I wanted to double check the following plants’ identification. 1) I believe these are wild radish! 2) Not really sure what this is... 3) 4) Maybe clover? 5) I believe these are medics. 6) I think this is mustard, but I’m...
  2. Happytort27

    Pot Marigold?

    Hello! I planted some wildflower seeds a couple of years ago, and this was the only plant that seemed to pop up. It comes annually and it seems to spread seeds really easily. I don’t even water or tend to it; the plant just grows on its own. So I think this is pot marigold, but I just want to...
  3. Happytort27

    Mold in Coco Coir?

    I haven't mixed the coco coir around in about four months, so the top part got dry in my tortoise's enclosure. The bottom part was still a little damp, but I could tell that it was starting to dry out. Since I wanted to make the coir damper, I decided to pour some water into the coco coir and...
  4. Happytort27

    Best Thermometer for Hibernation?

    I have a dedicated fridge to hibernate my tortoise this year. I can manually control the temperature range, but I want to double check the temps. Does anyone know which thermometers are the most accurate, durable, and suitable for cold temps?
  5. Happytort27

    Mold on Wheatgrass?

    Today I took out and examined my wheatgrass from the container, and I saw some fuzzy, gray mold growing right at the substrate line. I don’t know how long it’s been there, but I’ve been feeding it to my tortoise for a month. I haven’t noticed any changes in behavior, and it is currently planted...
  6. Happytort27

    How to grow wheatgrass?

    Hello! Whenever I buy wheatgrass from the store, they always look so healthy and green, but when I take them home, they turn yellow almost instantly. I keep the wheatgrass by the window sill and water them when the substrate looks dry. In the recent attempts of keeping the wheatgrass alive, they...
  7. Happytort27

    Avoiding Plants in Enclosure?

    Hello again! I am not sure where to put this thread, once again, but hopefully a moderator will help me out. :) Anyways, my tortoise goes out of his way to avoid any types of plants in his indoor enclosure. I’ve tried plastic and real live plants, but he never seems to have any interest in them...
  8. Happytort27

    The Bio Dude Flower Power?

    Has anyone had any experience with this particular topper? The ingredients seem to be okay...
  9. Happytort27

    Parasites from Chicken Manure in Soil?

    I’m not sure where to put this thread...I’m just curious. I was wondering if chicken manure in soil could still transmit parasites to a tortoise?
  10. Happytort27

    Are These Safe to Eat?

    Good morning! I was searching for some safe plants to feed my tortoise, and I came across a lot. Can someone help me identify these? 1. I believe this is dandelion, but it looks different than the ones I've seen before. 2. I’m not really sure about this one... 3. Some sort of grape leaves? 4...
  11. Happytort27


    I received some Forget-Me-Not seeds, but it didn’t have its scientific name on the packet, so it is unclear whether or not it is a Chinese Forget-Me-Not or a regular Forget-Me-Not. I know the Cynoglossum amabile is toxic to tortoises so I’m being extra cautious.
  12. Happytort27

    Happy 4th of July!

    Don’t know if this thread has been done yet but happy 4th of July!! My family and I send lots of love during these unprecedented times and hope you enjoy the rest of the evening.
  13. Happytort27

    Will Plants Grow in Fir Bark?

    Hello! I saw some fir bark at my local nursery so I decided to pick up a bag or two. I have a full spectrum grow light, so I was planning on scattering just a couple of seeds in the enclosure. (I also have coco coir underneath the bark.) Do you think it’ll grow?
  14. Happytort27

    Pretty Flower from Seed Mix

    When I was watering my tortoise’s seed mix from Tortoise Supply, I found a little pink flower coming from what I think is wild radish! Just wanted to share lol. This thread may include pictures of my outdoor tortoise enclosure and the safe plants/flowers I grow along with the seed mix I...
  15. Happytort27

    Grow Organic Pasture Mix?

    I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with this seed mix. Are there any plants in there that are toxic to tortoises? On TTT, it said Parsley, Birdsfoot Trefoil...
  16. Happytort27

    Yellow Poop?

    As you can tell by the title, my baby tortoise has yellow poop. I have no idea what’s causing it. Is it a parasite infection? I feed him escarole, endive, sometimes arugula, mustard and collard greens, bok choy, hawkbit, sow thistle, cactus, dandelion, California poppies, rose mallow, rose...
  17. Happytort27

    Plastic Tubs, Glass Tanks, or Enclosed Chambers

    I’ve been looking around the forum for some info on this. I’ve read that they are all an option for your baby tortoise enclosure, but I just want to see which one you all prefer. Right now, I have a large plastic tub with a lid containing beautiful baby tortoises. On the other hand, I recall...