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  1. HawkTheRedFootTortoise


    i just bought an apricot for my redfoot tortoise, im not sure if he can eat it or not. please let me know soon. thanks.
  2. HawkTheRedFootTortoise

    Heat lamp on all night?

    Hello everyone, here is a quick question, I'm not sure weather to keep my tortoises heat lamp on all night or not. should I or should I not? let me know. thanks.
  3. HawkTheRedFootTortoise

    Training my Redfoot

    i put a cardboard hood over the entire thing. seems to work fine.
  4. HawkTheRedFootTortoise

    How to comfort your tort after hes flipped over.

    My tort has flipped over several times. (he's a red foot) and I want to know how I can comfort him after he's flipped over.
  5. HawkTheRedFootTortoise

    Training my Redfoot

    this log has to be one of the worst things ive bought for him, he tries to clime it, push it over, squeeze into tight spaces, i just bought it today and im annoyed.
  6. HawkTheRedFootTortoise

    In Memoriam

    Wow, that put a lump in my throat. Turtles/Tortoises should be remembered just as much as a cat or dog.
  7. HawkTheRedFootTortoise

    Training my Redfoot

    I recently bought a log hide for my redfoot tortoise hawk, he is freely able to climb onto it, but tries to go off the edge, any way of training him to not go off the edge and walk off the ramp? thanks.
  8. HawkTheRedFootTortoise

    Things you wish you knew before getting a tortoise

    How much they poop. Oh my lord. Tortoises poop ALOT. Not only do they poop a lot, but it smells horrible depending on what they eat. They also walk in it. and sometimes try and eat it.
  9. HawkTheRedFootTortoise

    Looking for Redfoot

    Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't know or else I wouldn't have sent that lol. Im new in the tortoise world lol.
  10. HawkTheRedFootTortoise

    Proteins i can feed my Redfoot Tortoise.

    Hello! I currently own my Redfoot tortoise Hawk, I need some ideas on some proteins I can feed him. if anybody has suggestions/can link me a Redfoot meal table, please let me know! Thanks!
  11. HawkTheRedFootTortoise

    Looking for Redfoot

    i suggest going onto they ship too. they also have all that you need for your tortoise if you are starting out!
  12. HawkTheRedFootTortoise

    Should I re-home my russian?

    i suggest giving her to somebody who will truly care for her.
  13. HawkTheRedFootTortoise

    Leaky Eyes in Red Foot Tortoise?

    They have specific drops online made for tortoises.
  14. HawkTheRedFootTortoise

    Leaky Eyes in Red Foot Tortoise?

    camera doesn't work, got to get it fixed. but my tortoise lives in a zoo med tortoise house. he also has a heating pad in the place he sleeps.
  15. HawkTheRedFootTortoise

    Leaky Eyes in Red Foot Tortoise?

    any tips on how to raise it up? I have a spare heat lamp if i need to use it.
  16. HawkTheRedFootTortoise

    Leaky Eyes in Red Foot Tortoise?

    Thank you guys so much for helping! Im very new to this and i was worried about it! Lesson learned, don't look up symptoms on google!
  17. HawkTheRedFootTortoise

    Leaky Eyes in Red Foot Tortoise?

    Temp is about 70 humidity is about 80-90
  18. HawkTheRedFootTortoise

    Leaky Eyes in Red Foot Tortoise?

    Hey there! I've owned my Redfoot tortoise Hawk for about a month now. His eyes are leaky, does anybody have any suggestions on how I could fix this, or what this means? {P.S his eyes aren't swollen nor red, just a little bit of water around his eyes.}