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  1. l0velesly

    Grasses/plant questions

    Thank you for your thorough response! I will keep that in mind and try to follow your suggestions ?
  2. l0velesly

    Grasses/plant questions

    Hi everyone, I’ve been trying to research the best diet for my radiated tortoises. I read that they primarily eat grasses and succulents. What kind of succulents would be considered safe? I couldn’t find much information regarding that. I’ve looked on the tortoisetable website too. Do they...
  3. l0velesly

    Any Radiata KEEPERS Interested in Adding Their Name to our State List???

    I just acquired two baby radiated tortoises from someone local. I'm located in WA. You're welcome to add me to the list of radiated tortoise keepers :)
  4. l0velesly

    Star or radiated tortoise breeders in WA

    Hi all, Does anyone know of any radiated or star tortoise breeders in Washington state? I did do a search in the forum and found out that Ross in Redmond had radiated tortoises so I went ahead and sent him an email. I’d like to know if there are others as well. Thanks!
  5. l0velesly

    Has anyone had experience purchasing from this website? I checked their Facebook page too and they have almost 1k likes. The prices seem too good to be true...
  6. l0velesly

    Fall cuteness

    Lovely pictures! :P
  7. l0velesly


    He's looking great.. Glad to see a big improvement!
  8. l0velesly

    Darwin's yawn

    Awww so cuuute!
  9. l0velesly

    Tort egg?

    I would purchase an incubator if you want to try and let the egg hatch! I think the chance would be higher than leaving it there.
  10. l0velesly

    Pet store blues

    I always feel this way every time I visit a pet store. It's so sad to see the same tortoise that no one can afford to buy. Especially since it's been stuck in a tightly enclosed space for such a long time :(
  11. l0velesly

    Possibly adopting a 5 yr old Sulcata

    So sad to think that the tortoise has been living in a closet and didn't get a chance to live a better life. :(
  12. l0velesly

    More of Zohan

    Zohan is cute!!
  13. l0velesly

    HYPOS' on the Fly .....DA TRES AMIGOS'

    Gorgeous little babies!
  14. l0velesly

    Looky what I found

    How precious!
  15. l0velesly

    Meet Bruce

    Such cute bright eyes!
  16. l0velesly

    Yellow skin

    What a beauty!
  17. l0velesly

    Soaking, feeding, activity

    That's such cute behavior haha. I think she's probably excited for hotter weather. Maybe you should should take her outside to let her explore.
  18. l0velesly

    Tortoise Girl's Diaper Cake

    That's an adorable (and creative) gift!