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  1. DARKFIRE007

    Stuck scutes treatment?

    You can't tell her size in the pic, but TRUST me when I tell you this lady is getting big. She seems to have quite a few stuck scutes, she isn't pyramiding and is in good shape considering she was wild caught and bought at a show. Everything was even at 4.5 inches in size, but now with a LOT of...
  2. DARKFIRE007

    Cupcakes with legs??

    This may already be posted somewhere, but I saw it on the news and this section came to mind. I know torts are sweet...but this is ridiculous lol.
  3. DARKFIRE007

    Low hanging fruit

    The title just has me in stitches...THIS is why family pets do not belong around torts haha.
  4. DARKFIRE007

    Flashing/blinking MVB issues

    I have used an MVB with no issues for 10 months...I went to change it and the new one would come on and go out after a few seconds, then it would come on and go instantly out and repeat. I rewired the fixture, all lights were working fine in it except this bulb. I had the seller ship me a...
  5. DARKFIRE007

    The Human test

    She makes a mistake with the tub, but if you can watch this video and not grin and say awww at LEAST 3 times, you are inhuman.
  6. DARKFIRE007

    Funny differing gender personalities

    As I go through ownership of these two, their personalities tickle me on a daily basis. MALE FEMALE When picked up, "Oh boy oh boy, where we goin" "HISSSSSSSS" Greens VS squash...
  7. DARKFIRE007

    Links/ideas needed

    I have decided to go with cypress again after dispelling my worries over splinters. I am in BAD need of a link where I can buy the equivalent of "Forest Floor". Pet stores and even Walmart are pricey as they can be for Forest current prices it would cost between 60 and 80 bucks to get...
  8. DARKFIRE007

    Poor snapping turtle

    This fits in the debatable section I guess. I saw a story today that was nothing short of horrific. This turtle did NOTHING wrong. (to avoid the easy view video and go to the actual page just remove negative space) https: //
  9. DARKFIRE007

    Youtube owner needs advice STAT

    This owner is breaking literally every rule in the care sheet minus lighting and I am not sure THAT is being done properly. I left the appropriate links and information for her...but just LOOK at this, it is a painful minute long video. Help me assault the comment section...she needs help...
  10. DARKFIRE007

    DIY Incubator help

    Alright I am trying my hand at a DIY incubator. I am using an Omaha steaks cooler which is CRAZY thick, right at an inch and a half. I saw this video in the breeding section here and was confused, every Youtube video had a heating element...
  11. DARKFIRE007

    Zombie Tortoise?

    Forgive the clickbait title, it will become clear in a moment... Izombie, season 2, episode 5, 29:40 in...I want someone, anyone to confirm I am binge watching a show that is broadcasting how to abuse a tortoise. A glass enclosure no larger than 20 inches squared in my opinion. Even for those...
  12. DARKFIRE007

    Lady And The Tramp Tort Style

    Imagine my surprise when BOTH just vanished...I immediately started laughing and snapped both pics. No worries, I put it back (gently). The third photo is the reason for the thread name...they are inseparable, they eat together and sleep together. Most of the time one will climb half way on top...
  13. DARKFIRE007

    Substrate troubles

    First I own a largely adult male Russian tortoise named Boris I am not only new here, but still a fairly new first time reptile owner at only 5 months in. I have muddled my way through fairly well despite conflicting opinions on everything from diet to substrate. I use a dome ceramic fixture...