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  1. MrT for me

    EXTREME temperature habitat adjustments

    So it got down to -10 the other night and I can’t tell you how glad I am that I had extra light fixtures and a Module habitat because I had to resolve the issue very quickly. Luckily I had my alarm set for when the temperature dropped to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Up until it got to 10 degrees...
  2. MrT for me

    What’s all this white stuff?!

    Well winter is officially here in New Mexico. Dropped to 7 degrees last night. Not for MrT though. Warm and cozy! ;)
  3. MrT for me

    UV meter????

    So as is common when I read through these forums my mind is totally blown. Until today I never heard of a solar meter. This forum is awesome! So I’m thinking no problem, I’ll just go on the solar meter site and order one. Ummm, there’s like a ton of options! Which leads me to my current...
  4. MrT for me

    Hello! New to the forum.Included video link to our friends little outdoor habitat

    Hello! New to the forum and glad to be here. After a month of planning and 3 months of building I finally finished his outdoor habitat. His name is MrT and he is a 3 year old Sulcata. It doesn’t look like much but a lot of thought and research went into his house. He really seems to like it. He...