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  1. Heather H

    orange peel???

    I was looking at the reptiles magazine site and under hermanns care it said to feed them orange peel. Have any of you done this?
  2. Heather H

    hanging tortoises greens

    Ok it's 2:30 am but I just though of something. Can we hang the greens for our tortoises? So they reach up like they would in nature? On like clothes pins?
  3. Heather H

    introducing Charlie

    Ok so I am not new but Charlie is. Thank you Chris for the perfect baby.
  4. Heather H

    email alerts

    hi is there a way to stop getting alerts to my email? I tried to figure it out but counld not figure it out. thanks
  5. Heather H


    ok I searched but could not find the answer. Sent my hubby to store to get blue fescue. He bought a pound of fescue blend. Is all fescue safe? I want to plant is as barrier. I don't think hermanni eat it. thanks in advance :)
  6. Heather H

    2 enclosures?

    Hi all . I was wondering if anyone has 2 enclosures inside for one tortoise. My tortoise enclosure is in my son's bedroom. I was thinking of setting up a second in the living room. He can only be in there while supervised because we have 3 cats. and not chancing them getting in. sorta like a...
  7. Heather H

    feeding platform

    Hi everyone, I need help designing a feeding platform. I used a plastic shoebox type container for the humid hide. I took a second container and built a ramp up one side. I want this to be the feeding area. I just need ideas for the area surrounding the feeding tile. I thought about moss sheets...
  8. Heather H

    getting depressed

    ok im getting depressed because of this cold weather. I want my baby but I can't get him until its warmer.
  9. Heather H

    carrot bath and vitamin questions

    What is a good brand or kind of bird vitamin to get? With the baby food soaks can homemade baby food be used? Thanks
  10. Heather H

    Attention: new members :)

    Hi and welcome to the forum. this is a wonderful place with many wonderful people. when I started here I had many wrong things, I had listened to the wrong people and bought too many wrong things. When you first start here you will be asked a lot of questions and for pictures of your new family...
  11. Heather H

    protein question

    When a diet says 5 % protein is this from plants? I will be feeding a baby Hermanni . I have looked at tons of threads. How do you know the protein content of different plants?
  12. Heather H

    check list, missing anything?

    Hi guys so I thought I would post a check list to see if I am missing anything. I am planning on getting a baby Dalmatian Hermanni. Thanks :) what I have: enclosure with coco coir Humid hide with moss daytime mvb night time heat temp/hydro meter ( digital) mazuri ls greens of all kinds and...
  13. Heather H

    male or female?

    Hi guys my family and I are trying to decide about our new baby. We are only getting one :) we came up with a name Charlie . But we were wondering what you guys think..male or female? Eastern or Dalmatian ? I understand that people have different opinions just wondering what you think. We...
  14. Heather H

    100% humidity

    So my enclosure is at 100% humidity. Is this to high for a baby (I don't have one yet) just getting it ready :)
  15. Heather H

    large dog crate for tortoise?

    I have a large dog crate that I was thinking of using for an outdoor enclosue. The bottom tray comes out so it could sit on the ground. Of course with some modifications. I know they need outside time and she would never be alone ( planning on getting a baby). But I am terrified of a predator...
  16. Heather H

    i need to calm down

    Ok who needs a laugh. I am stressing so much over perfection. I could not get my humidity up. Although my enclosue was dripping on the sides it was saying 10 -18 % . I took it into the bathroom after a very hot shower 78% humidity????? I'm stressed and confused. Then my 8 year old son figured it...
  17. Heather H

    what size che? help please.

    I know I need a CHE but there are so many different watts. This is for a hatchling. The night time temps are 72 - 75 F. 36x 18 glass enclosure. thanks I tried to search but got confused again lol .
  18. Heather H

    work in progress

    this is the work in progress. I do not have the lights up yet. comments and advice welcome . thank you
  19. Heather H

    humid hide

    So many options, so many different ideas. Best for hatching Russian or Herman . Pot on the side, plastic bin, shoe box..... help. I have moss to put in it and it's own temp/hyro gauge. Thanks
  20. Heather H

    hot hands

    I bought "hot hand" to. Keep in my tortoise supply box. For power outages.....or if traveling. Have any of you used these? Do you wrap them? I'm trying to be prepared for any situation. Thanks