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  1. JaySparks

    Tortoise plastron has been scraped off

    I covered the injury with a bit of cotton and medical tape. I don't want substrate getting in there. You reckon is over kill? - My substrate is top soil mix with coir and Cyprus mulch.
  2. JaySparks

    Tortoise plastron has been scraped off

    My tortoise somehow manage to escape the enclosure and must of hit something on the way down. I'm worried because he was left with a wound that reveals the flesh underneath the plastron. What should I do? he is now in a container with a clean paper towel.
  3. JaySparks

    Have you used pre alpine before?

    I've heard about pre-alpine a few years back and all I knew about them was that they sold dried weeds. I recently found out that they also sell pellets similar to Mazuri. I was wondering if any of you have used the pre-alpine pellets and if they are better than mazuri or at least better than the...
  4. JaySparks

    Should I change a UVB bulb for a plant growth light??

    Just use add a jungle dawn or have the enclosure next to a window.
  5. JaySparks

    Is my baby Russian Pyramiding?

    Russian's are very forgiving when it comes to pyramiding - in fact it's quite rare to see one that truly shows pyramiding. You're good.
  6. JaySparks

    Bought some Mazuri

    tortoises love this stuff. It's like crack to them.
  7. JaySparks

    Should I stop attempted Hermann hibernation?

    I don't brumate my tortoise and his doing great. Brumation is a debatable subject in captivity tbh.
  8. JaySparks

    When should I upgrade my tortoise enclosure?

    I agree with everyone ASAP.
  9. JaySparks

    Tortoise boarding in London?

    I'll be gone for 2 weeks
  10. JaySparks

    Seeds for planting

    Ebay usually sells seeds that grow tortoise food.
  11. JaySparks

    Hermann’s tortoise burrowing

    Mine used to do that back when he was small. This is normal.
  12. JaySparks

    Tortoise boarding in London?

    Any Londoners here know a reliable boarding service in London?
  13. JaySparks

    Is this a penis?

    I noticed that this thing kept coming out of my tortoise. I'm not sure if its a penis lol. Logan is only 3 years old.
  14. JaySparks

    What kind of cactus?

    Before I start feeding this, just making sure - are all cactus safe? Or in other words is this one 100% safe? People eat these so it should be fine in terms of the chemicals used to grow this right?
  15. JaySparks

    What kind of cactus?

    I'm thinking of planting this any ideas of what type of soil I need?
  16. JaySparks

    What kind of cactus?

    I have a 2 year old almost 3 Hermanns.
  17. JaySparks

    What kind of cactus?

    I live near a market here in London that sells cactus pads, and I decided to buy one. The problem with this pad is that I have no idea of where it came from as the lady that sold it to me was not certain of the species or the common name of these pads. She calls them cactus. Most of the cactus...
  18. JaySparks

    Logan's new enclosure

    He's enjoying it so far tons of room for him to roam around :).