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  1. Radamila

    Pyramiding Problems

    I’ve got young Sulcata Tortoise from previous owner in poor condition (dirty, covered with poop, even poop in her mouth, which is disgusting to me...). She already had pyramids on the top of her plastron! I keep her clean, she eats good (always fresh greens, sprinkled with calcium), she has all...
  2. Radamila

    Miriam - Sulcata Princess

    I have a little rescue Sulcata and named her Miriam! She is 1year and 3 month old, Houdini Escaper... She loves to wonder around, but I am worried that she will get lost or something will happen to her. I don’t like to keep her in terrarium, so day time she is in the yard and after 5 P.M. I put...