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  1. TheLastGreen

    114 days later and still no poop

    So my tort's just come out of a long RI, I can now see that it's almost entirely gone. But I've realised that the last time he pooped was 3 March 2022. It's been 114 days since he's last pooped! In 114 days I've tried over a dozen hour long soaks, and on other times half an hour soaks. I've...
  2. TheLastGreen

    Urgent, bearded dragon is inactive

    My brother, Gerhard, has a beardy named Velkor. He's 7 years old, around 30 cm from head to tail. Recently Velkor's gotten really inactive, for 3 days he's been on the same spot. Velkors' neck twitches above his right scapula. I'm afraid to say from what we see now, it seems Gerhard's gotten the...
  3. TheLastGreen

    Need help, upgrading freshwater tank

    So I've recently struck a problem. I've checked a few aquarists forms, but they're full with conflicting statements. Could any of you guys help? My heater blew today, the day before I have to go out of town. Everything is closed now, so I'll have to go tomorrow. I have a 30 gallon tank, what...
  4. TheLastGreen

    3 months later

    It's been 3 months since my tort's had a horrendous vet experience, so here's an update. I've bumped up the temps in his enclosure to 28C, a bit warmer than the recomended 27C ambient temp max. He's a zombensis hingeback, about 1 year old. He does have a slight temp decrease in certain spots, so...
  5. TheLastGreen

    Why can different tort species crossbreed?

    This question has been bugging me for a while. We were tought that different species can't crossbreed, no matter what, due to speciation. Speciation mechanisms like unfertile hybrid crossings, different prebreeding needs like different mating calls or breeding at certain times of year etc. cause...
  6. TheLastGreen

    Bonding with a tortoise

    Now I know torts are more of a give food, give water, give the right environment type of animal, and you just leave them alone, but I do sometimes feel bad that I don't interact with them enough. I do pick them up when moving them about etc. but I was wondering how you guys interact with your...
  7. TheLastGreen

    Different UVB sources

    Coincidentally saw these different types of UVB sources and I have a few questions about them LED bulbs Are LED lights safe and effective? Spiral bulbThese are obviously a risk due to uneven coatings during production, I have no questions on them Halogen bulbs Are these safe to use, are they...
  8. TheLastGreen

    A little leopard, out on the edge of the desert

    For those interested, my grandparents went on a trip to the Kgalagadi transfrontier park. They were a few kilometres past the border when they spot this fella I never knew they lived in that area? Some maps show they go far North into Africa, but miss this area. The park does say this is a tort...
  9. TheLastGreen

    Bell pepper for hingebacks

    I know it's a bit of a risk. It does have a high sugar level, but I want to feed it to my tort to help things get along, he has eaten it a while back. The only problem is that I don't want him to eat a bit, then not poop, allowing the bell pepper to stay in his gi track, ferment etc. I'm at a...
  10. TheLastGreen

    Help a friend (new member struggling to use the site)

    A member, @Sira-oreo is having trouble using/navigating the site, the person asked me to help. Here's the message and problem, as stated on the person's status update @Sira-oreo, like I said in the message I sent, we'll need to know what setup your using. Do you know what type of torts you have...
  11. TheLastGreen

    Strained carrots in water for tort health

    I couldn't find much on it while searching, and I have a few questions, so I figured I get started with this thread. 1)Gerber baby carrot food is recommended, but for outside the States, what should we look for in the product, like sugar content etc etc. 2)Carrots have a high level of sugar...
  12. TheLastGreen

    Upgrades and questions

    I finally got to changing the substrate. I compacted it real hard. The first time wasn't hard enough, so he struggled to walk, but after compacting he walks fine. I've also added leaves. My question is when he walks around a lot he'll open his beak wide open, move his head slightly forward and...
  13. TheLastGreen

    Please help! Month long constipation and white areas on skin

    Help! My hingebacks is still active and such, but part of his body seems almost whiter, like his legs and cloaca. By his right leg it almost seems like the flesh and skin is almost pushing out. He's been constipated for a bit more than 3 weeks, he's also loosing his appetite, but that only...
  14. TheLastGreen

    Heatpad for small torts?

    I've read that some people say hatchlings can burn, and don't know how to get off of a heatpad, I've been wondering about it for a while now, do some people use them?
  15. TheLastGreen

    Can grass hurt little torts eyes?

    Can grass hurt hatchlings/yearlings eyes? (I'm talking about lawn grass). I see my yearling closes his eyes as he moves past grass as it rubs past his face. So can it, or isn't it a problem?
  16. TheLastGreen

    Steralizing leaves

    I've got a bunch of red oak leaves I want to steralize, but I'm trying to avoid a situation @Karen(pebbles) had🤣🤣🤣 (I saw her previous thread and I don't want the same thing to happen, so I came to make sure) Do I place them in water, then in the oven at 180C for twenty minutes?
  17. TheLastGreen

    New galapogos species or just a fuss?

    Found this today Any thoughts? @Markw84 I know you work on conservation efforts for these torts, have you heard of this?
  18. TheLastGreen

    Help make a hingeback caresheet

    As the title says, we need an updated hingeback caresheet. It is a weird situation, most hingebacks undergo horrible importation standards and most don't make it, but where they do survive, and perhaps thrive, experience is abound. Hingebacks aren't the most commonly kept tort species, but at...
  19. TheLastGreen

    Water turtles of Southern Africa

    Well, I don't usually find myself at this end of the forum but I have something to share The recent post of @mark1 beautiful turtles made me realize that I've never seen any water turtles (excluding sea turtles) here, so I searched, and there are some that live here! I never thought we had...
  20. TheLastGreen

    Guess who went for the bricks (beak filing)

    Zvezda's beak was always slightly overgrown, but it seems today she found one and went at it, it almost seems too much Before After It's almost leveled with the mouth. What scares me was that within a day she filed her beak down 3mm, she also scratched a bit of her lower nose. The bricks are...