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  1. l0velesly

    Grasses/plant questions

    Hi everyone, I’ve been trying to research the best diet for my radiated tortoises. I read that they primarily eat grasses and succulents. What kind of succulents would be considered safe? I couldn’t find much information regarding that. I’ve looked on the tortoisetable website too. Do they...
  2. l0velesly

    Star or radiated tortoise breeders in WA

    Hi all, Does anyone know of any radiated or star tortoise breeders in Washington state? I did do a search in the forum and found out that Ross in Redmond had radiated tortoises so I went ahead and sent him an email. I’d like to know if there are others as well. Thanks!
  3. l0velesly

    Has anyone had experience purchasing from this website? I checked their Facebook page too and they have almost 1k likes. The prices seem too good to be true...
  4. l0velesly

    Buying bulk grass hay online.

    What websites sell and ship bulk timothy/orchard grass hay for a low price? I'm having a hard time searching for websites.
  5. l0velesly

    Sulcata Excretions

    My sulcata excretes urates, urine, poop, and this unknown brown pee. He always excretes brown liquid throughout the day and it's only in small quantities. I couldn't find much information on it. It's nothing new. He has been doing it since he was a few months old. I was just wondering about it...
  6. l0velesly

    Lower Respiratory Infection?

    Could this be a sign of a lower respiratory infection? My tortoise doesn't show any signs of upper respiratory infections, like weakness or runny nose. I really need help diagnosing. The only issue is he would make noises (and open his mouth) occasionally. I...
  7. l0velesly

    Reptitherm Habitat Heater

    Does anyone have experience with this product?
  8. l0velesly

    Strange noise.

    Lately, my sulcata has been making this odd noise.. it's been about 3-4 days since he started doing it. The noise is hard to describe.. it sounds like a hiccup/croak. Most of the time, his mouth is not even open when he does it. It scared me when I heard it the first time. He's acting fine...
  9. l0velesly

    Tortoise Block vs. Cuttlebone

    Which is preferred? The tortoise block seems to have veggies in there. I've only tried the cuttlebone. Oh yeah, can bird cuttlebones be fed to tortoises? I've seen them in fruit flavors.. maybe that would be increase the chances of them eating :P
  10. l0velesly

    I got a new leo!

    I think he's a babcocki.. but I checked the comparison thread and he seems to have features of both subspecies. Can someone verify for me? :shy: The spotting seems really random. He's in a temporary box enclosure right now lol He's quite the climber! :P His shell doesn't look...
  11. l0velesly


    I found a few pics of two tortoises born stuck together! Kinda looks like a heart. Found this info: A two-headed Central Asian tortoise has gone on show at the natural science museum in Kiev where visitors will be able to observe the different eating habits of each head over the next two...
  12. l0velesly


    Post pictures of your tortoises yawning. :rolleyes: (He's a little dirty-mouthed :P)
  13. l0velesly

    Interesting Video I Found!

    I didn't know conjoined tortoises were possible. It's the first I've seen. I wonder how it would survive ;(
  14. l0velesly

    What could this be?

    I found these in the garden a couple of days ago. My sully seems to love these! I've been feeding it that along with other greens just recently. I just want to make sure it's really safe to eat. I'm interested in knowing the name of this plant. There seems to be some fuzzy texture to it...
  15. l0velesly

    Sulcata doesn't eat fruits.

    I know fruits should only be 10-20% of a sulcata's diet but mine doesn't seem to eat any fruits at all. It sniffs it sometimes, and then walks away. I thought all tortoises love fruits! I've been feeding it bok choy and collards. It only seems to eat greens. I'll let it outside to eat grass...
  16. l0velesly

    Worried about Sulcata tort

    I just received a Sulcata baby about a week ago. Just recently today, I came home to see that it had made a mess. I soaked and cleaned it right afterwards for about 20 minutes. I noticed some discoloration (green-ish) and slight swelling on its rear. I don't know if it's just stains...