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  1. Laura

    My great niece visited today...

    She takes after me.. she doesn't know why she loves animals, she just does, I told her we were born this way. :-) Llama, Sulcata, Desert Tortoise and Jasper, my cockatoo, with Samantha. She had a good day.
  2. Laura

    Kids Camp a Succes!

    Wednesday was the long awaited day or when I took three of my tortoises to the SPCA Kids camp. Several months ago I asked for a quick Care sheet and diagram... I got both from Heather Gomberg.. Go Team! The kids were 8-9ish years old.. about 20 of them. I brought a Russian, Ca Desert Tortoise...
  3. Laura

    Need Basic Printable care sheet for talk in July...

    Hi all.. I am taking my Russian, Desert and Sulcata to a Kids Camp at a local SPCA in July. I need a basic tortoise info print out for the kids. 8-12 years. Diagram and parts labeled? terms used when 'talking tortoise' etc. Does anyone have something like that they can send me? or a link I can...
  4. Laura

    Easter Bunny Costume for Tortoise

    I don't know this person.. On here? my sister sent me the link, THought I'd share
  5. Laura

    Red eard Sliders for adoption/rescue

    I have lots of Red Ear Sliders for adoption in Hollister, CA. We are 1-1/2 hours south of San Francisco. We do not ship. We take in about 200 sliders a year and place into homes with ponds ( private backyard ponds). For more info, you can contact Kevin at [email protected] or...
  6. Laura

    Missing 2 Sulcata Porterville ca Owner was sick, and in Hosp. comes home to find them missing.. had a pet sitter who swears gates were closed.. stolen??
  7. Laura

    Calif Bay Area- Male Sulcata hope someone can get him and make him outdoor 24-7
  8. Laura

    Pet Mountain facebook promo offer...

    When they get 10,000 likes... Shipping will be FREE for orders over $25...
  9. Laura

    Croc Vs Tortoise... hee heee...
  10. Laura

    Daylight savings...

    can anyone give me a good reason, why we still do this? seriously.. I want to know...
  11. Laura

    growth of a pyrimid/MBD sulcata..

    He is my first rescue, pic next to the ruler is when he first arrived. I was told he may not grow much, but he has and is stronger and growing. 2007. Side shot next to the water bottle is march 2011 Top view as well. 2012 for last one...
  12. Laura

    My type of March Madness

    The russian woke up today and is already eating, the desert emerged from down under, and the sullies, as always,, are eating,, and drinking it up!
  13. Laura

    Wild Cat Conservation Awsome place....
  14. Laura

    Large Sulcatas in need of new homes ASAP

    Tortoise Home in Gilroy calif is helping a rescue that is having to shut down. They have 15-20 large male sulcatas in need of homes ASAP. They lost their property. If you can assist in any way please contact Kevin below. Also donating $ for gas and pens would be helpful if you can't take any in...
  15. Laura

    WHALES are shifted last check is they are no longer there and lots of open water... thank goodness!
  16. Laura

    Family of orcas trapped in Icey Bay This is heartbreaking to see.. I hope they figure something out to help them before its too late...
  17. Laura

    Storage Totes.. 50% off at Kmart

    This is the time of year to grad the biggest ones they make.. Christmas tree totes.. they make great hatchling enclosures.. Im sure they are available elsewhere too, but saw an ad for Kmart.
  18. Laura

    New Arrival

    I have llamas. I've always wanted an Appy.. Saw this one on CL, and she is supposed to be pregnant too! The guy delivered her today, in the storm.. but she doesnt seem to mind the rain. She was living with goats out on 40 acers.. No Name as of yet....
  19. Laura

    FREE shipping till Dec 3 $25 or more..

    Great prices on CHE... Ive bought from them before... pleased with service.
  20. Laura

    Hatchling Russians.. $65!/groups/tortoisehome/ looks for stevens posting.... sorry for those of you who dont have facebook...