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  1. wellington

    How to make budget outdoor enclosure for 8in. Herman's tortoise.

    Right now actually Petco and PetSmart have 3 brick package for 7.99. I haven't bought coir in about 9 to 10 years now. I have no idea where it was bought from. Just Google coconut coir bricks or just coconut coir and compare pricing and shipping. Hopefully you can find free shipping. Coconut...
  2. wellington

    Final tweaks m

    One hide is plenty. Better to have one hide and more walking room Winter night temp not lower then 70. Summer can just be what room temp is. Day temps should range from 75 to 80 with 95 to 100 basking Feed enough food that he can graze all day long on and off. Feed every day. Moderation to...
  3. wellington

    What should I put under orchid bark

    2x6 too small for one adult. 4x6 okay but a 4x8 would be much better and is recommended minimum. Don't forget the hide, water clay saucer, feeding dish all take up space. The water saucer needs to be big enough he can get completely in it. If they don't have enough room to exercise their...
  4. wellington

    This a good sized enclosure for a tortoise

    They still need a descent size enclosure. Even a small Russian needs more room then what most think or give. That pool looks too small. There are larger pools like that. The biggest one might work.
  5. wellington

    How to make budget outdoor enclosure for 8in. Herman's tortoise.

    Really, I never found it to be expensive. Have you done the bricks or loose fibers? I always Google it and don't buy it at pet stores.
  6. wellington

    How to make budget outdoor enclosure for 8in. Herman's tortoise.

    You can use coconut coir or no substrate under the bark.
  7. wellington

    This a good sized enclosure for a tortoise

    For a he hatchling or sub adult not an adult
  8. wellington

    Nightly heating

    If you are not brumating/hibernating him for winter then there needs to be heat day and night to keep him up. No lower then 70 at night but no lights at night just heat. Normal lights and a range of day temps of 75 to 80 along with a basking spot of 90 to 100.
  9. wellington

    What should I put under orchid bark

    Yes they can be housed indoors in winter, summer too but I wouldn't house a tort inside 24/7 but some do. But if you are brumating it, it shouldn't be done in an enclosure but a controlled temp environment. If you just want to house it inside for winter and keep him up, not brumate then yes...
  10. wellington

    Vintage Redfoot print

    Pretty cool whether right or wrong.
  11. wellington

    What should I put under orchid bark

    You need an enclosure for brumating? That shouldn't be in an enclosure. You need an enclosure for outside? Stock tank may get too hot and for an adult needs to be bigger, 4x8 minimum
  12. wellington

    He is here, my (hopefully and probably) male cuora mccordi

    Oh so tiny. Congrats
  13. wellington

    Torts, Turtles, & Terrapins, Oy Vey!

    Welcome, love your sense of humor. Add mazuri tortoise pellets soaked to his diet a couple times a week and that will help him grow a bit faster and catch up to where he should be. Glad he survived and was found. Sounds like he will have a good life from here on.
  14. wellington

    Cherry head tortoise enclosure size

    For a hatchling 2x4 is fine. For an adult a yard or large room. Most water proofing is fine to use. You just have to be very sure it is completely dry and cured and no smell left before placing tortoise inside
  15. wellington

    Sulcata shed conversion

    You did right by separating them. The only solution that still doesn't have a 100 % no bully rate is to get a bunch of females and a very large, acreage enclosure.
  16. wellington

    Tortoise help (lethargic)

    Omg I am so very sorry. Just to let you know, this likely had nothing to do with you but the way he was started by the breeder.
  17. wellington

    Hello everyone i am a new tortoise owner and i just wanted to get some feed back.

    Second Yvonnes post. Also if you have two in there you will need to separate them soon. One will bully the other. Tortoises should not be kept in pairs.
  18. wellington

    Arcadia Optimised52 is this good for a Leopard Tortoise?

    I don't know what that product is. However, if it's for grazing tortoises then it wouldn't hurt to add. However, you need to add a much bigger variety then just the other two pellets. Young leopards usually won't eat hay and Timothy is not a good one as it's very hard and stick like. Use...
  19. wellington

    I need help identifying my tortoise

    I'm not real familiar with the Elongated but I do believe this is one. See what others say @Markw84 @Tom @Yvonne G
  20. wellington

    Please help, is this shell rot?

    Because they aren't open wounds you can just put him back in his enclosure on the substrate. Do it daily until its cleared up, soaking and washing the cream off from the day before, then reapplying new. If you don't see improvements in a week then it's likely something else. But if you see...