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  1. enchilada

    Vintage Redfoot print

    Got this for $5 at the antique store I was so happy until I notice the Latin name was printed wrong 😑
  2. enchilada


    not even that toucan bird guy from San diego ? i thought he breed them himself
  3. enchilada

    Help me decide haha

    come on man , asking us if albino sulcata is easy while you are holding a Cuora galbinifrons 😜 your turtle/tortoise keeping experience probably beats 90% of the members here 😜😜
  4. enchilada

    Water Food Dish

    i have the round and the rectangle ones. works fine for smaller turtles. but you gotta fix it to a corner or somehow hold it in one place. big tortoise pushes it around all the time
  5. enchilada

    Temperature Sex Determination VIDEO- how this may relate to the Burmese Star TSD issues

    i know this thread is 2+ years old. any new discovery /data from the 2021 and 2022 batches to support this hypothesis ?
  6. enchilada

    108% Hatch Rate?

    any updates with the twins?
  7. enchilada

    Desert tortoise as a commercial pet species.

    what about the desert tortoise from mexicao? are they legal to keep ?
  8. enchilada

    Myers-Briggs Tortoise Edition: Personality Types

    North American Wood turtle ------body of a turtle, soul of a dog
  9. enchilada

    Tortoises, pizza, oh my....

    theres no $$ in rescuing reptiles.... but some cats and dogs "rescue" are extremely profitable
  10. enchilada

    Are sulcata illegal

    i'd ask the Garden State Tortoise lol
  11. enchilada

    ??'s about a lost sulcata

    id check with any neighbor who has a pool or water features . animals have a great sense wheres water
  12. enchilada

    Cuora aurocapitata dabieshani

    This area . I don’t know the exact village
  13. enchilada

    Cuora aurocapitata dabieshani

    I didn’t go deep into the hills . Just local village
  14. enchilada

    Cuora aurocapitata dabieshani

    I’m the second person then , lol
  15. enchilada

    Cuora aurocapitata dabieshani

    I visited their native range back in 2019 Sadly i only observed some RES and Chinese soft shell
  16. enchilada

    We found a baby tortoise in our yard… help

    Is it possible there’s a feral population of sulcata somehow managed to reproduce naturally in your area ?
  17. enchilada

    There a tortoise that can do well in Alabama, California, a genuine tropical environment?

    where in CA ? climates here varies depending on the elevation and distance to coast. In Los Angels you can ski in the morning and surfing in the afternoon. sometimes we experience 4 seasons in one day
  18. enchilada

    Can i house red cheek mud turtle in outdoor pond in Southern California?

    I’m in coastal Southern California , can I keep red cheek mud turtle in my outdoor pond ? I’ve kept South American wood turtles outdoor year round without any problems. I think they are from same region ? Ty
  19. enchilada

    Expert help please

    HOA/ park management are basically dumb DMV type of people who enjoy abusing their “authority “ The problem is neither the critters nor your tortoise . I suggest have your friends taking care of your tortoise for a while , tell the management you already get rid of them . After they done...
  20. enchilada

    Rat Trap Recommendation: 24/7 Type Trap for Prevention

    i use this cage trap. works great with peanut butter you can pour boiling water for a quick death or just leave them bake in the sun for couple hours no rats gets out of my house alive