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    You know what you have to name it now, right? ;)
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    Yearling Flavomarginata For Sale

    I have four CB Cuora Flavomarginata for sale. They were all produced by me here in South Florida. TSD females. Raised aquatic and fed Mazuri Aquatic turtle diet, vegetables and fruits, they are in perfect health. Contact me via PM for additional information and photos.
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    Young Flavomarginata Pair

    I'm offering a pair of 4"-5" Cuora Flavomarginata. They are each from a different bloodline. Healthy and beautiful, they are feeding on Mazuri Aquatic turtle diet, vegetables and fruits. Contact me via PM for more information and pictures.
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    They look like they're settling in fast!
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    So glad to see you have these guys, finally. The male is always so photogenic!
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    Established Breeding Pair of Redfoot Tortoises

    Unfortunately I am forced to part with two animals very close to my heart. This is an established breeding pair of redfoots I've had for nearly a decade and produced many beautiful babies from. Both feed well on Mazuri, greens, mixed vegetables and fruits. The female may be gravid and has...
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    Beautiful 5" Redfoot Tortoises (South Florida local only)

    I have just a few beautiful keep back redfoot tortoises. These guys are a little over a year old and around 5" SCL. In absolutely flawless health with an appetite for anything, raised outdoors in the florida sunshine. Perfect for anyone who wants a hardy, personable tortoise well past the...
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    Might Be Leaving T.F.O.

    I'd rather ignore all the controversial garbage that goes on on this forum, but I wanted to make a comment here Gillian. I will assume you enjoy this forum, judging by your active participation with other members. You have friends here. You probably spend a lot of time here and frankly quite...
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    Opening up Facebook currently is like being slapped in the face by distasteful Harambe memes and tons of social networkers who have suddenly obtained zoology degrees. The mother is at fault and should rightly be incarcerated and prosecuted for negligence. People go to jail for child abuse for...
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    Custom Prosthetic Shell

    From my understanding most UV absorption occurs in the skin of reptiles. I would be more concerned with how the prosthetic shell would affect temperature regulation.
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    Custom Prosthetic Shell Not sure if this has been posted here on not, but I reckon many will enjoy it. A tortoise (redfoot?) badly burned by a fire received a custom 3D...
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    Redfoot tortoise young - South Florida Local Only

    I have a couple redfoot tortoises available from last year. Four around 3"-3.5" for $80 each or $300 for all four. Three holdback yearlings around 4.5"-5" available for $140 each or $400 for all three. Please contact me via PM for more information.
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    I think anyone selling live animals has a moral obligation to that animals safety and well-being, but this is more pre-sale than post-sale. When I sell any animal, I evaluate whoever is contacting me. If I feel they won't make a suitable home for any living animal (plenty of these), I turn them...
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    Why not breed a mini?

    Unless you focus on a species that has an exceptionally quick reproduction rate (new generations within 2 years) it wouldn't just be a multi-generational commitment of the tortoise, it would be a multigenerational commitment for an entire family. If you were attempting to produce a mini of a...
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    Multiple flaws with the "For Sale" forums

    The most recent post I made in the for sale section was locked allowing no further replies. Even I, the OP, am unable to reply to my own thread. Since I am unable to even edit it, this has serious complications in updating quantity. In my most recent thread, many of the animals are already sold...
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    Beautiful WC "Amazon Basin" 13" - 17" Yellowfoot tortoises - Local Only

    Selling these for a friend of mine. I have 1.5 of these incredible animals. These are WC individuals, which should be taken into care considerations. These yellow foots are of the "Amazon Basin" locale that is known for producing the truly massive yellow foots. Currently they range in size from...
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    Squash, Zucchini and Redfoot.

    The yellow and green squash you find at the stores? I've been feeding it to everything for as long as I've had tortoises. :eek:
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    Easy, No tools. No cutting pen!

    I might have to look into this stuff...Never seen it before. Not lacking in construction skill but it would be seriously convenient for temporary pens that you can just disassemble and store afterwards.
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    Anything Different Between Torts That Hibernate And

    I assume you are referring to the fact that during hibernation they wouldn't receive UVB, and wondering how they can go on like this and come out of it without negative affects to their health? No expert here, but I'd chalk it up to the fact that they are functioning at a much slower metabolic...
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    Anti-Pick Up Lines.

    I thought this was pick up lines that really, really don't work. "You smell different when you're awake".