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  1. Cleopatra 2020

    Wanting to move Roscoe outside

    I have a two and a half year old male South African leopard that has definitely outgrown his enclosure inside I was holding off this summer because it was just too damn hot outside I live in Arizona where it averages 108° up to 120° on a hot day so I've been holding off but the end of August...
  2. Cleopatra 2020

    Pooping organs?

    This morning I noticed my Rosie standing real tall on all fours in her enclosure so I picked her up and it look like organs were coming out of her tail weirdest thing ever made me think something was wrong with her and then they suck back up into her underneath her tail and the Oregon had like a...
  3. Cleopatra 2020

    Rosie is getting BIG

    I can't believe how big she's getting she weighs about 3 lbs now and will be 2 years old in 2 months from now just wanted to update and was wondering how old before she should move outside? Of course now it's going into winter so I will probably wait till at least next spring after she's about...
  4. Cleopatra 2020

    Rosie's Update (good news)

    Happy to report Rosie finally pooped after 4 days I also ended up giving her a little bit of triphala which is a natural stool softener made from three fruits which seem to help as well doesn't look like she's defecated all of it yet but she's definitely on the right Road...??
  5. Cleopatra 2020

    Ate fake plant

    Not sure if it will impact her my year and a half old female leopard Rosie eat some plastic or silk leaves from a fake plant I had in her enclosure not sure how many leaves she ate I just found the plastic stems empty so I fed her some cactus pads hoping it will Slime out of her any advice?
  6. Cleopatra 2020

    Flowers and weeds

    Got a couple weeds and some flowers I'm curious about from my yard...edible for my year and a half old leopard girl?
  7. Cleopatra 2020

    Rosies gettin BIG

    Just wanted to share a picture of Rosie her black is coming back in really nice she's up over 933 G now averaging about 90 G of weight gain in a month and she just turned a year and a half on the 12th...??❤
  8. Cleopatra 2020

    Feeling under the weather?

    Rosie hasn't come out today this is the first time she has done this I'm probably just being paranoid but she usually comes out a couple hours ago with a big appetite yesterday she hardly ate which is really rare for her anyway I'll keep my eyes posted on her see if she doesn't decide to pop out
  9. Cleopatra 2020

    Today is 1 year....?

    Today is one year since little Cleo passed over.... I will never forget her... trying to save her life was a big challenge and ultimately changed mine and I had fallen in love with torts because of her.... even after hearing "hatchling dry hatch syndrome " was a death sentence I didnt give up...
  10. Cleopatra 2020

    Happy girl..

    It's awesome having a cam cuz you're always finding yourself snapping still photos here's some pics of her enjoying her new home....???
  11. Cleopatra 2020

    Happy and healthy (pic)

    I wanted to post this cuz I got such a kick out of her picture size of indented snapshotted it so everyone can see what a happy girl she is with a big old smile on her face and her eyes lit up it must be her approval of her new digs...??❤
  12. Cleopatra 2020

    Age - weight pic

    This little girl has been an amazing tortoise.... she is sooooo
  13. Cleopatra 2020

    Eye problem?

    I am posting a picture on here of someone else's tortoise from a group on Facebook that I belong to nobody seems to have an answer for them so I am posting their picture here to get an opinion or answer I keep explaining to these people they need to join the Forum because you guys have the...
  14. Cleopatra 2020

    New enclosure question

    Got her new enclosure setup little over a week now and was wondering if her che should be turned down some temperature wise or if the substrate under it will still be at 95 96 degrees which I'm trying to lower unless she knows better not to be under it new enclosures really large I set the...
  15. Cleopatra 2020

    No poops

    My leopard tortoise has not pooped in 3 days yet still eats everyday...I figured she might have eaten to much orchard bark as she poops them out she just sits in her hide facing out with squinted eyes....first time I've ever seen this...shes a year old... even though I've...
  16. Cleopatra 2020

    New Enclosure

    Finally got this enclosure done minus a few takes up the entire master closet 6x6...somebody's gonna be a Happy baby!! ??
  17. Cleopatra 2020

    Mazuri old or new

    I think I was reading somewhere that the newer style I believe is better for them correct? Mazuri I'm feeding my tort is the original kind in a black bag so what I'm wondering is what the difference is between them and why I should switch or do I need to?...thanks in advance
  18. Cleopatra 2020

    Nose coloration

    Not to sound like a worry wart but I noticed lately that my leopards nose on one half has been turning white whereas the rest of her pigment is the same color and marbling as always just wondered what this is from or if there's any concern there???
  19. Cleopatra 2020

    1st BIRTHDAY ??❤

    Today Rosie turns 1 years old.... it has been a great adventure this far with her as I was a complete worry nut in the beginning since we had just lost our little Cleo which didn't even live 5 months from hatchling failure syndrome.... however my little Rose has been amazing and strong and just...
  20. Cleopatra 2020

    1st time temp drop

    Don't know if there's anything I can do except wait and see how my leopard girl is in the morning since her temperature in her enclosure dropped below 80 I think it was like 76 at the cool end and around 78 or 77 at the hotter end I normally change out her LED with her heat exchanger at 6:30...