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  1. EllieMay

    Question about red eared slider eggs

    First the story- my daughter called me today as she was leaving to go to work to let me know that there was a turtle laying eggs in the gravel road leaving our pasture.. she was warning me to be cautious not to run it over as I came in… so as I came in this evening, I looked for it and sure...
  2. EllieMay

    Sullies in the snow

    Meanwhile in Texas..... Toretto and Crusher have left their toasty 81F Crusher decided that the snow is not for him and quickly returned! Toretto has to patrol the area...
  3. EllieMay

    My 3 Stooges!

    I started a thread for all of my Sullies from the beginning but they are in different locations.... I wanted to start a current one and have them all in one place.. I have 4 year old Toretto who weighs 32lbs now and I have 2 year old Pickles and Crusher who are clutch-mates. Pickles weighs...
  4. EllieMay

    In over my head

    My dream dog has always been an English bulldog.. so when my Yorke passed last year, I finally went and got me one. I had done lots of research and considered myself aware of health conditions they could be prone to. My baby Cinder will be 6 months old tomorrow and she is everything I had hoped...
  5. EllieMay

    in SHREVEPORT this weekend

    Repticon Upcoming Show! Hours: Saturday: 10am-5pm Sunday: 10am-4pm Online VIP Tickets: Best Ticket Value! ----------------- Includes Both Show Days ----------------- Includes VIP Hour Early Admission at 9am - Saturday Only! ----------------- $12 - Adult $5 - Ages 5 to 12 Under 5 -...
  6. EllieMay

    What is this tree???

    Does anyone recognize this tree? I bought a couple at a farmers market when they were only a couple inches tall.. A lady there told me that they were hardy hibiscus. Within a few weeks it became obvious that they were not anything I had seen before.. I planted them in my tortoise yards late...
  7. EllieMay

    Pet Smart Advertisement

    I got this in my email and thought I would share in case it could benefit any of you here.
  8. EllieMay

    Goober obsessed

    So many of you have read about my sully Toretto. He will be 3yrs this May and weighs 12lbs now. A couple month ago, he discovered his male parts and now everyday in his soak he lets it hang for a bit. Well today, he was in the tub hangin out with the wang out and I was in the kitchen cookin...
  9. EllieMay

    Baby leopard tort for sale on east tx craiglist

    I saw an ad this morning and there is an adorable baby leopard tort for sale in White oak tx.. it needs a home with someone who knows how to start babies! They are asking $250 for the baby and the whole setup but they have it in a tort table.. I want to get him just to better his conditions but...
  10. EllieMay


    Getting in the spirit...
  11. EllieMay


    Meet my new family member! Weighing in at 4lbs10oz / 2,102 grams... measuring plastron at 21 cm’s... hatched in May 2016.. Sex unknown but calling it she.. very outgoing personality, aberrant scutes... [emoji177][emoji177][emoji177]
  12. EllieMay

    Large Sulcata Fence

    I want to get a start on a large area for my Sulcatas. This is going to take me some time but my goal is to have it complete by spring.. I want to use the retaining wall blocks so that I have a strong permanent fence that improves my landscape as well as providing security for our dinosaurs:)...
  13. EllieMay

    New Outdoor Area

    Hubby came home yesterday with some lumber! We are starting the outside enclosure for Pickles & Crusher.. they are each getting a 5’x10’ area.. I have been googling all sorts of ideas and I’m leaving Lowe’s now! Im not “artsy/craftsy” at all but I really want this to be nice.... I’m so excited...
  14. EllieMay


    Help me out please.. I have raised many animals and it is usually wise to treat any new animal for parasites.. does this apply to Sulcata tortoises as well? If you haven’t seen any of my prior posts, I have two Sulcata hatchlings (4/10/18).. should I worm them?? And if so, what’s best to use?
  15. EllieMay

    Turtle Time!!!

    Pickles & Crusher’s favorite time of day.! Outside, in the cloudy weather today! Their appetite is obviously fine & I love how they immediately respond when I talk to them:-)
  16. EllieMay

    Shell Saver Experiment

    Today I’m going to begin using the Shell Saver Product on one of my Sulcatas (Pickles) and keep a comparison with the other (Crusher) who I will not use any on. I was told their Hatch date was 4-10-2018 and I’m pretty sure they were started dry. I got them on 6-22 and they are in separate...
  17. EllieMay

    Check out my soak!

    Crusher is gettin his “relax” on :cool:
  18. EllieMay

    Not my brightest moment!

    I have been looking for cactus pads in stores and almost ordered some online today but I backed out last minute because I couldn’t just order a small amount. Most evenings, my son and I go on a “treasure hunt” for tortoise food and I thought I remembered seeing some cactus near my property, so...
  19. EllieMay

    Pickles and Crusher

    They started out Big and Bad but my son changed their names! so today is 1 wk in my home! They come outside everyday for at least an hour so I thought it would be a good time to share pics. I will post weight gains this evening and will also finish the second enclosure tonight! I’m making...
  20. EllieMay

    Name change

    So last Friday I brought home 2 baby Sulcatas. After much debate, my family (mainly my son) names them Big & Bad... Today he has informed me that we are actually naming them Crusher & Pickles off his favorite show Blaze & the monster machines! o_O Rolling with it!!!