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  1. g4mobile

    Looking for Corrugated Culvert Pipe

    I'm looking for plastic corrugated culvert pipe to use in my tortoise enclosure. I can only find long lengths searching the internet. Does anyone have a source sold by the ft?
  2. g4mobile

    Hawaiian Ti Plant

    My Burmese Star's outdoor enclosure has wild Hawaiian Ti Plants (Cordyline fruticosa) that keep sprouting from the ground. They were planted before I purchased the home and I did remove them from the root, but they are like weeds and don't want to completely go away. My tortoise seems to love...
  3. g4mobile

    National Reptile Breeders’ Expo 2021 - Daytona Beach, FL
  4. g4mobile

    Our Bearded Dragon "Rusty"

    I thought I'd take a couple pictures of our bearded dragon "Rusty" enjoying the sunshine today. Bearded dragons really do have the best temperament and don't mind being handled. He is 5 years old now. Red translucent and 24" in length.
  5. g4mobile

    Florida Gopher Tortoise - Egmont Key

    I was fortunate to visit Egmont Key (Tampa Bay Area) over the Memorial Day weekend with my family. We spotted several gopher tortoises on the island and it was beautiful to see them enjoying the day foraging for berries.
  6. g4mobile

    Burmese Star - Size Difference

    Burmese Star tortoises. I was wondering what keepers here have experienced with regards to adult sizes between male and females? Am I correct here: Male Burmese Stars 10-12inches Females 12-15inches
  7. g4mobile

    Florida Gopher Tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus)

    My daughter spotted several Florida Gopher Tortoises today and wanted to share. This guy must have recently left his burrow, as he still has clumps of sand on his shell.
  8. g4mobile

    My First Tortoise "Tommy"

    I purchased my first tortoise at the National Reptile Breeders' Expo in Orlando in the mid 1990's. I was in college and my girlfriend fell in love with a baby leopard tortoise. Even as a baby, his shell was strikingly blonde in color. After some time raising it, I decided it was best to give...
  9. g4mobile

    Wild Iguanas at Markham Park Florida

    I took my trail bike for a ride this morning at Markham Park (Broward County) and saw roughly 20 iguanas out enjoying the sun. It never gets old watching green iguanas in the wild.
  10. g4mobile

    Cuban Knight Anole - Backyard Pic

    I live in "West" Broward County, FL and we have a healthy population of Cuban Knight Anole lizards, which are absolutely beautiful. I took this picture last April, 2018 in my backyard with an iphone (not the best). I happen to catch them doing the deed, which was incredible and unexpected. I...
  11. g4mobile

    Burmese Star Baby - Thriving in a Humid Enclosure

    I purchased a Burmese Star Tortoise from @Tom recently and she/he is really thriving in a humid environment. I am maintaining 88 degree ambient temps with 95 degree basking spot. I have a hide on the cool side of the cage that stays around 80 degrees. Night temps never drop below 80F...
  12. g4mobile

    Tom: AKA: "Captain Knowledge" Review

    I recently purchased a Burmese Star Tortoise from Tom (AKA: Captain Knowledge). He is a very well respected member here at Tortoise Forum. Tom and I were discussing several different species of tortoise before making my decision to go with a Burmese Star. He and I were initially discussing the...