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  1. Fredkas

    Juvenile Aldabra Eyes' Problem

    Ps. I am sorry for my weird english. English is not my native language. Guys, i think my aldabra's eyes have something, both of them, in his upper part. I give you pictures to help me (below). I have feeling since he was younger that maybe he can't see well. This is because if i hand feed him...
  2. Fredkas

    Baby aldabra rear leg

    Hello. Its been a week. One of the rear leg of my baby aldabra was having what it looked like an infection. For the first time it was whitish. Now it is brownish. I think the swollen now is more or less the same, if not slightly bigger. I touch it with my hand, i dont think he feels hurt. He has...
  3. Fredkas

    Are these shell rot?

  4. Fredkas

    Growth of Turbo, February 2017 Aldabra Giant Tortoise.

    Finally i decided to acquire my hate and love tortoise, Aldabra Giant Tortoise. Arrived at wednesday, 03 May 2017, 2 p.m., so cute, like a mini toy. He gave me exact same feeling when i saw Toro, my sulcata tortoise for the first time. Then he was staying at soaking tub (dry) that i prepared...
  5. Fredkas

    Mctlong, where is the update?

    @mctlong , your thread about rusty, Make me itchy to start this thread for you and rusty. Please update him/her here. Your rescue story is the best story. This is the original thread for anyone who would like to read it. Sadly it was locked due to long inactivity...
  6. Fredkas

    Asking aldabra weird brown color shell

    See.. @ALDABRAMAN 's aldabra always looks nice. Why some of aldabra hatchling has brown mark in their shell? This is aldabraman's baby alda This is the other aldabras, not only one like this, will the new growth be like this in the future?
  7. Fredkas

    Asking the symmetry of aldabra shell

    It's been a while i am not starting any new thread. I am just updating the growth of my sulcata and replying / watching others threads to keep myself update. Recently i can't hold my passion towards aldabra anymore, so i am going to adopt one. I found one that make me so tempted, but i am in...
  8. Fredkas

    Tortoise poop

    Will throwing fresh tortoise poop (mixed with water) directly to the soil make it become fertilizer?
  9. Fredkas

    Here i am asking again

    The stem looks like jelly
  10. Fredkas

    Make sure this is edible. Nobody want to take risk right? ; )

    Help me thank you! I erased out the surrounding leaves to make confusion as low as possible. 1. First plant 2. Second plant 3. Third plant, have 2 pics: 4. Forth plant 5. The last one
  11. Fredkas

    My Sulcata fart (*sorry) too much tonight!!

    Help! Who experience this? It looks like my sulcata having too much gas inside of his body. He is farting 3 times, big and loud, in around 5minutes in his soak. What is happening? Ok as i am typing this, the forth coming. Sorry now is fifth (it is coming again) :eek::eek:
  12. Fredkas

    My sulcata, concave plastron at such a young age? or illness?

    When i adopted Toro, end of May 2016, the seller told me that he was around 3mo, at 57gr, which means he hatched at February 2016. yes he should be one of those dry started babies. you can get Toro's detail growth here...
  13. Fredkas

    What should i do?

    He/she was wondering the street. How old is he/she? And what should i do?
  14. Fredkas

    Anybody know what is this?

    It grows good. Can i feed it to my sulcata?
  15. Fredkas

    Toro's first swim

    Toro was trying his first swim (under eagle eye supervision). The session was 10 minutes, and he looked at me saying, "you do that one more time to me, i'm gonna stop eating for a week!!" Yes he hated it :D Ps. I will never post this session outside TFO. don't want any newcomer thinks...
  16. Fredkas

    How giant tortoise catch bird

    So i just heard that tortoises, in this example is galapagos tortoise catch a bird for eat. How can a slow galapagos tortoise catch a bird? He stand high and not moving at all, when all the birds came to him, he just make a right moment when one of the birds came right under his plastron and he...
  17. Fredkas

    Why do my tortoise's legs move when he's resting?

    We hear from Madkins007 that tortoises cannot move their ribcages or diaphragms to breathe, so they 'sag' their limbs in and out. They don't need a lot of air so you don't always notice it. And from Dr. Simon Girling - Turtles and tortoises use their head, neck and limbs as bellows, moving them...
  18. Fredkas

    What are you hate and like about sulcata?

    I am curious... 1. What makes you all doesn't really like sulcata? 2. What makes you like sulcata the most? 3. If you have ability to create one tort as you like, what size and what personality of tort you want? Let's start with me. 1. Burrowing is a bit annoying in the future for me. 2. their...
  19. Fredkas

    Leopard this big really?!? And so beautiful

    I never know leopard can become this big, and they are so pretty.