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  1. Big Charlie

    Kane Heat Mat for Sulcata

    Charlie's Kane heat mat has stopped working. I bought it at the end of 2016. Is it expected for them to stop working after so much time? I'm ready to buy another but before I do I have a question. Charlie is 22 years old and well over 100 pounds. I haven't measured him lately. My current mat is...
  2. Big Charlie

    Charlie Turns 20

    Today is Charlie's Hatchday (possibly)! He was hatched between July 18, 1999 and August 31, 1999. I recently found the original paperwork I got when I purchased him in a pet store in Paso Robles, California. It is labelled Tortoise Country. Here are some pictures from when he was tiny.
  3. Big Charlie

    Giant Weeds!

    Every year weeds grow like crazy in this yard. Some are over 6 feet tall. Charlie isn't allowed in here anymore as every time he gets in, he starts to dig. This huge pile was gone in less than 10 minutes.
  4. Big Charlie


    Charlie went out in the rain today. I came outside too late and found these footprints he left on his way back home.
  5. Big Charlie

    Identifying the OP

    Is there a way with the forum software to identify the original poster's or thread starter's posts within a thread they started? When responding to a thread, it would be helpful to know who is the OP without having to go back to the first post to see. I'm on another forum that I think uses the...
  6. Big Charlie

    Growth on lip

    I just noticed Charlie has this growth that looks like a wart on his lip. What is it and should I be worried? It doesn't seem to be stopping him from eating.
  7. Big Charlie

    I Think Charlie is Chewing on Plywood!

    This year, we added more insulation to Charlie's night box and covered it with plywood. I noticed when I cleaned out his box, there were some fresh wood shavings in the front of his heat mat. I thought it was just left over from construction and swept them out, but there are new shavings there...
  8. Big Charlie

    Question about Car Wash Door Flaps

    Will this work? Is 8 inch wide too wide? Are the ribs a problem? How much should they overlap? Do I make them touch the...
  9. Big Charlie

    Man gives Tortoise mouth to mouth resuscitation
  10. Big Charlie

    Flowering tree California

    This tree is growing over the fence from my neighbor's yard. I can't see the trunk from my yard.
  11. Big Charlie

    My neighbor has this growing over the fence

    I saw Charlie taking a bite out of a fallen leaf. It is green in the summer.
  12. Big Charlie

    Good Things to Plant in California

    We had a yard cleanup and the gardeners got a little too aggressive. Now we have lots of empty places to plant. I already have a hibiscus tree, rose bushes and plenty of grass. I'd like to add a grape plant and a mulberry tree. Before I get them, I'd like suggestions on the exact types that...
  13. Big Charlie

    Tiny Animals Present: How to Roommate

    I thought this was adorable. Forgive me if it has been posted before. This is the first time I've seen it.
  14. Big Charlie

    What do you think about this temperature controller? I was thinking about using it in Charlie's night box so I have the option for it to turn off during the day when he isn't in there.
  15. Big Charlie

    Charlie's New "Home"

    Charlie has had the run of our backyard for years now. He has built at least 3 burrows that I can remember. The first one collapsed and the second went under the fence into our neighbor's yard and we had to fill it in. The last one lasted him several years and extended under our patio and house...
  16. Big Charlie

    New member from California

    Charlie is a 16 year old sulcata. I've had him since he was a baby.