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  1. K

    I’m worried my tort is miserable and I cannot figure out why.

    They need time... even a month or so to adjust. Keep her warm,offer food and water. She will be OK. Needs to get use to the „better” normal conditions;)
  2. K

    New video up today featuring MONSTRO!

    You should put „jaws” theme in the beginning :)
  3. K

    Eye issue or normal?

    Hello On the second pic they look a bit puffy (but just a bit) - try rinsing them with saline for a couple of days (maybe some bits are stuck in them - sand/substrate), you can also put her on paper towels for a while (3-4 days) and see if it will visualy improve the puffines. If so your...
  4. K

    Adult Leopard is Sick

    Parasites? Try cloaka swab for flagella.
  5. K

    What does your tort's hide box look like?

    This my Rufin’s winter crib
  6. K

    Edema - at a complete loss

    https://tortoiseforum.org/threads/teabag-pillow.144140/#post-1354182 For swelling I would recommend herb infused baths. Point to the vet to check kidney and liver functions. Good luck you both.
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    Comment by 'Kasia' in media 'Myrtle'

  8. K

    Turtle is streatching neck, gaping, and making the sound!

    I wish you both more joyful days ahead....:)
  9. K

    Comment by 'Kasia' in media 'Speedy'

  10. K

    No one can explain what’s wrong.. help!?!

    Please go to Sulcata section in the African Tortoise and read threads pinned on top of the section... I think you will find your answers in there.
  11. K

    Straining, passing undigested food, NO stones or parasites, MUCUS in urine. Ideas?

    I went trough the posts and reffered to the last post after giving him antibiotics/vet visit...protozoa, treatment isnt as „easy” as going for pinworms with pancur - appetite is back but putting antibiotics into already strained system will not result in an instant recovery, more likely...
  12. K

    Straining, passing undigested food, NO stones or parasites, MUCUS in urine. Ideas?

    Hi Symptoms you have described are a result of the treatment unfortunately... antibiotics and flagyl wiped the good GI track flora along with the protozoa. Mine leopard tortoise had for a long time after the treatment loose, bad smelling stool. I didn’t have the opportunity to try it but only...
  13. K

    Comment by 'Kasia' in media 'Sweetheart'

    Awww ... definitely;)
  14. K

    Watch "Bathing Tortoise!" on YouTube. It's my Rolo.

    Mommy just use the sink... just a thought there;)