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  1. TammyJ

    Need identification

    It's adorable, of course. I wish it a long and safe life from wherever you release it!
  2. TammyJ

    Hey Loohan! Happy Birthday!!

    Hope it's a good one for you Loohan! :)
  3. TammyJ

    Was given a wild-caught baby painted turtle, what do I do?

    TuckerDucker, looks like your turtle is off to a great start in his (?) her new life with you! All the best!
  4. TammyJ

    Colored urine?

    And be careful about the vet you take him to. Any vet that is not a reputable REPTILE vet with years of experience with tortoises, will likely make whatever is wrong a lot worse by prescribing some harsh antibiotic injections the tortoise may not need. There are very experienced reptile people...
  5. TammyJ

    Colored urine?

    How are you keeping him in terms of temperatures and humidity, variety in the diet, types of UV lights, etc? And can we see some pics?
  6. TammyJ

    Dogs killed our goats

    Well. I would now be very careful too about your dogs as you know what they are capable of. If your kids are small kids, don't go out and leave them with the large dogs, playing or otherwise. Some animal, goat, cat, or whatever, may come into their territority, a fight starts and your kids...
  7. TammyJ

    How long can I leave my tort alone?

    Totally depends! On a lot of things like temperatures, water supply, food supply etc. If there is a power cut what then? Etc. etc. Suppose he falls over on his back and can't get up? Etc. Will your 98 year old neighbor give an eye? Etc.
  8. TammyJ

    Baby sulcata with swollen face.

    Sooner you take him to a good reptile vet, the better, I think. Looks bad, like an infection that needs immediate treatment. Any news? By the way, keep them entirely separate from each other. And please keep us informed!
  9. TammyJ

    Hello, new member

    Welcome to you Tyler, and best of luck getting a good one!
  10. TammyJ

    New Giant Mexican Musk - Staurotypus triporcatus + Name Suggestions

    My Jamaican pond turtles love slugs too.
  11. TammyJ

    Baytril injections

    How is this little one doing now?
  12. TammyJ

    Giant torts in LA?

    LaLaP, this has been an enjoyable thread, with a bit of interesting debate coming into it, and I hope it continues during your trip or after it with some pics for us to drool over!:tort::)
  13. TammyJ

    New Year's Day feast for my forest tortoises

    Totally! But they better keep an eye out for those snapping turtles...!!!
  14. TammyJ

    Honey’s Journey

    Thanks, but it's not just being sweet. I really feel that tortoises, being naturally very long lived, deserve to have the chance to do just that!
  15. TammyJ

    Can someone identify this turtle?

    There you go........;)
  16. TammyJ

    Honey’s Journey

    Hope Honey's journey is a very long, very happy one! Looks like he/she got off on the right foot with you.
  17. TammyJ

    Giant torts in LA?

    I totally agree! That is a very top class zoo. Wish I could get there too.
  18. TammyJ

    Can someone identify this turtle?

    Wow! Hope this ends well for the turtle (which looks a little like a tortoise!) and the rescuer!
  19. TammyJ

    New Indoor Build

    This looks great!