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  1. Tom

    Is this pyramiding?

    What is the ambient temp during the day and over night? What type of basking bulb are you using? Have you checked the basking temp by laying a digital thermometer on its back at tortoise shell height and letting it cook for an hour or more?
  2. Tom

    Boy or girl?

    Any of the members here who have extensive experience with raising juvenile RFs into maturity.
  3. Tom

    Beak trimming in perpetuity?

    This is from early development Maggie. She might have been this way right out of the egg, or this might have happened during the poor care she received as a growing baby or juvenile when all the pyramiding was happening. In most cases, correcting the husbandry will correct the beak problems, but...
  4. Tom

    DIY vs Petstore

    Yes. The difference is UVB in the correct spectrum for our animals to be able to synthesize vitamin D3. This is especially important for people who live in colder winter climates and have to keep their tortoises indoors most of each year. Have you seen this...
  5. Tom

    Boy or girl?

    I don't know RFs well enough to give useful input when they are this size. I can easily tell on the adults and babies all look female, but I don't have enough of a frame of reference to catch the hints on the juveniles with this species.
  6. Tom

    yellow fungus in terrarium

    Its not that I don't "approve". Its that other stuff can cause problems. Like weird yellow fungi growing out of your substrate, for example. 😎 If you can't find or special order "fine grade orchid bark, or "fine grade fir bark", then what Yvonne said is a good way to go. When buying coco...
  7. Tom

    yellow fungus in terrarium

    I've had that sort of thing pop up in my tarantula enclosures with coco coir. What substrate are you using and where did you get it?
  8. Tom

    white stuff in the eye

    What size is the enclosure? What type of bulb is the 100 watt heating bulb? What type of UV light bulb? Is it a cfl? MVB? HO tube? The substrate may be irritating his eyes during the times when it is dry. It should be damp all the time. The little one is existing in a living hell. You need...
  9. Tom

    When can my hatchlings live outside?

    Hi Terry! So nice to see you posting! You quoted my post. Did I do okay?
  10. Tom

    Beak trimming in perpetuity?

    Based on raising 100s of tortoises to adulthood and never once having any beak issue, and also rehabbing tortoises that came to me with beak issues, I have to say this is usually a diet or husbandry issue. I've had two dozen Russians. Hatchlings and adults. Hatchings that grew into adults. I had...
  11. Tom

    Too much food and pet sitter

    1) There is no such thing as feeding it too much. That is old wrong info from the wrong sources. 2) I've met SinLA. Good person. I would take that deal too. In fact... 3) Pyramiding. Your is. This thread will help you...
  12. Tom

    Too much food and pet sitter

    I don't agree. Maybe for an adult tortoise in Florida, but not for a baby Russian in our dry climate. They are highly prone to bladder stones here because it is so dry all the time. Skipping a few days should be okay if well soaked before and after the gap, but 10 days is outside my comfort zone...
  13. Tom

    white stuff in the eye

    There are three common causes for eye issues: 1. Wrong substrate: Dry dusty substrates, soil, and sand mixes can all do it. Is your coir damp and hand packed firmly? Or is it loose, fluffy and dry? 2. Wrong lighting: CFL bulbs and some MVBs can cause this problem. What type of bulbs are you...
  14. Tom

    What If Tortoises Are The Most Evolved Reptile?

    Honestly yes. They eat quite a lot, but I have three roach colonies so it was never an issue for me. I would just pull a bin down and feed them a bunch. They don't eat any more than any other similarly sized lizard though. I don't find my Drymarchon to be any more messy than any python or boa...
  15. Tom

    Wet poop- Leopard tortoise

    What comes out is a product of what goes in. What "greens" are you feeding him? What size tortoise? What size enclosure? What substrate? What temps and humidity? How often are you soaking? Have you seen these threads...
  16. Tom

    Did my tortoise poop out a worm?

    I can't tell if that is undigested plant matter or a worm. Take a stool sample to a tortoise vet if you are concerned. What species is Cashew?
  17. Tom

    Carrot Soak??

    Hello and Welcome. Read this:
  18. Tom

    Friendly Advice required (substrate)

    Hello and welcome. More info:
  19. Tom

    Advice About LED and Flood Lights

    Thank you for the congratulations. That is an old thread. The apprenticeship ended in 2018. I will officially be a "Master Falconer" next year.
  20. Tom

    What If Tortoises Are The Most Evolved Reptile?

    Work with a water monitor, Ackie, tegu, King cobra, any Drymarchon species, and then get back to me...