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  1. TortoiseRN

    Looking to purchase an adult Sri Lankan Star Female.

    Hey guys I’m looking to purchase an adult Sri Lankana Star female. I do have a couple healthy sub-adult males that I would be willing to trade if that interests anyone.
  2. TortoiseRN

    ISO Adult female Sri Lankan Star

    Hey peeps just looking to pick up a breeding size female Sri Lankan Star. PM me if you have any for sale or suggestions who might have one for sale. Thank you.
  3. TortoiseRN

    Fun Homecoming!!

    So I just came home from an 11month deployment to the Middle East. I would be lying if I said I wasn't worried about my female RTs being skittish around me. So I stepped into the females' outdoor enclosure and said, "Where's my girls!" I immediately saw three little heads pop out of burrows...
  4. TortoiseRN

    ISO Male Sri Lankan Star

    Hey guys I'm looking to purchase another male Sri Lankan Star of breeding age or close to breeding age. Please PM me if you have any available to discuss price and shipping.
  5. TortoiseRN

    Russian Yearlings and 2015 Hatchlings FOR SALE!!

    Russian Tortoise- I have 2 beautiful yearlings and 4 2015 hatchlings ready for great homes. I hatched all these myself. They are healthy, active, and very social. Cost is $100+shipping. I will provide pictures, exact hatch dates, and post sale help/advice for all purchases. Please PM me if...
  6. TortoiseRN

    Wanted High Yellow Sir Lankan Star

    Hey guys and gals! Been deployed to the Middle East for the past nine months so I haven't been active for some time. I'm adding to my star breeding project and I'll be in the market for a few high yellow juvenile Sri Lankan Star female this spring and I'm trying to track down some breeders that...
  7. TortoiseRN

    2 Juvenile Sulcata tortoises for sale

    Hey guys I have two healthy 3 1/2 year-old sulcata tortoises for sale. They were rescues I took on last year and are now ready to be rehomed. They both have slight pyramiding due to poor husbandry prior to coming into my home. The rehoming fee is $200 this just covers feeding for the last year...
  8. TortoiseRN

    Russian Tortoise Hatchlings

    I have six very healthy Russian Tortoise babies for sale. Weather must be at least 40 degrees to ship but you can reserve your baby now for $50. They are $185+ overnight insured shipping. Shipping ranges from $35-$75 depending on your location. Local pickups in Billings, MT are also welcome...
  9. TortoiseRN


    I have six very healthy Russian Tortoise hatchlings for sale. Weather must be at least 40 degrees to ship but you can reserve your baby now for $50. They are $185+ overnight insured shipping. Shipping ranges from $35-$75 depending on your location. Local pickups in Billings, MT are also welcome...
  10. TortoiseRN

    Tortoise Racing!!

  11. TortoiseRN

    Cuttlebone How Do Torts Know

    So I was watching my hatchlings chomp on a cuttlebone yesterday evening, when it occurred to me that I've never seen a post on how torts know to eat cuttlebones for calcium. I'm assuming they smell the calcium. Any thoughts/explanations??
  12. TortoiseRN

    Hibernation Temp??

    My wife wanted me to hibernate the herd in their own fridge this year so I bought a dorm fridge big enough to fit all the tort. I have it set as warm as it will allow it fluctuates between 47-49 degrees. Is this too cold??
  13. TortoiseRN

    RT best Digging and Egg Laying **Pic Heavy**

    So I came in to the tort room this morning and found Tasha my big female RT digging a nest. Lucky me I don't have to work today. So I quietly pulled up a chair a started taking pics. She laid four eggs total. It was a very cool process. This is her second clutch this year. Enjoy!! This is half...
  14. TortoiseRN

    New Indoor Enclosure Project

    So a while back I mentioned that I had plans to create a humid enclosure that was as pleasing to the eye as it was conventional for the torts. So this is the start of it.
  15. TortoiseRN

    Egg laid with dents.

    So my big Female RT laid two eggs today. The first one had three dents in it and the second one was just a yoke. No shell! I've never had one laid an egg with dents in it. I'm going to put it in the incubator and see what happens. I'm guessing that she needs more calcium in her diet. She lives...
  16. TortoiseRN

    New enclosure look

    Hey guys just redesigned the outdoor enclosure for my Russian herd. Let me know what you think. Has anyone ever used retaining wall blocks for enclosure walls?
  17. TortoiseRN

    Wanted Female Russian Tort

    I'm wanting to adopt another female Russian Tort that's of breed size/age. Willing to pay shipping.
  18. TortoiseRN

    Bath time in Big Sky Country

    Hey guys just a few pics of Sammy taking a dip. Enjoy!!
  19. TortoiseRN

    Wanted Adult Male Russian Tort

    Hey guys looking for another male RT to add to my herd. Will pay for shipping to Montana.
  20. TortoiseRN

    UVB/UVB producing LED Lighting??

    Anyone heard any news about affordable Herp LED lighting?? Also I've been kicking around the idea of installing an LED fixture in my Sri Lankan star enclosure. I saw a freshwater aquarium fixture at PetCo this last weekend that can be setup to simulate dusk and dawn, moon, and even the...