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  1. Moozillion

    Heat bulb for my mud turtle

    I'm having trouble finding heat bulbs for my mud turtle to bask under. The only incandescents I can find any more are eco-friendly (which I agree is a GOOD thing) but don't put out enough heat. If I use TWO bulbs, they apparently put out too much LIGHT, and she hides under her basking ramp and...
  2. Moozillion

    ID, please!

    A friend who lives near Chattanooga saw this guy in a street, and moved him on to a safer spot. Can anyone tell us which type of boxie this is?😃
  3. Moozillion

    Holy Heatwave, Batman!!!

    Here in south Louisiana ( as in other states) we've been having exceptionally severe heat. I don't worry about my Hermann's tortoise, Elsa, because I had her outdoor enclosure built with a large portion of it in deep shade. One day last week I decided to just check the ground temperatures in her...
  4. Moozillion

    Banana LEAF for Hermann’s tort?

    I know that Hermann’s tortoises cannot be fed the banana fruit, but I’m trying to find out if the banana LEAVES are suitable for them. I have a banana plant outdoors, so I’ve got a ready source. (The Tortoise Table only addresses the fruit, not the leaf-)🤷🏼‍♀️
  5. Moozillion

    Anyone make a raised false bottom to their tank?

    My 3-footed mud turtle is a NON-swimmer due to the missing foot. I currently keep her in a 40 gallon breeder with only 3.5 inches of water. This creates a problem with filtering: I use a Reptisun Turtle Clean for 30 gallons, and it's really not enough. I can't use a canister filter because the...
  6. Moozillion

    Where to start...

    Radicchio, cucumber, sow thistle and snap dragon! Where's a girl to start??!?? (The sow thistle...she LURVES herself some sow thistle!!! 😄 )
  7. Moozillion

    Nelson has turned 3!!!

    My big boy turned 3 on Jan 10th! He's now 5 inches long! Although he comes up to me and follows me back and forth when I come near his tank, he does NOT appreciate being picked up!
  8. Moozillion

    One confused turtle! :-)

    Ok, y'all. I am cracking up over here. My Mississippi mud turtle, Millie, is a total savage when it comes to attacking and eating grubs and earthworms. I did NOT put mosquito fish in her tank when I first got them, because I figured she'd make short work of them and they wouldn't get a chance...
  9. Moozillion

    Who has built an aquarium?

    For various reasons, I need an uncommon sized tank. I might have to try building it myself. Is that a reasonable idea? The YouTube videos make it look easy!?
  10. Moozillion

    UG filter fans only, please

    First, let me say I know that we are all caring, passionate people, especially in regards to our turtles/tortoises. This forum contains an enormous range of experience in all areas of husbandry, and there are many different experiences with different methods. I am requesting only UG filter fans...
  11. Moozillion

    Dang little bulldozers...

    Has anyone successfully kept live plants- either aquatic, marsh or regular garden plants- ALIVE in a turtle tank? So far, everything I've tried gets trampled to oblivion fairly quickly...☹️ I'd really like my tanks to be prettier and more naturalistic. ?‍♀️
  12. Moozillion

    Wrong silicone?

    I tried to find silicone without anti-mold additives. The young lady at HD took me to this one and said it's just silicone. But it says it guarantees mold-free for 7 years. So now I'm worried that she was mistaken. I haven't used it yet.
  13. Moozillion


    A friend of mine has been having several waves of mosquitoes hatching out IN her house! She has aquariums with aquatic turtles in her home, so the mosquitoes HAVE to be coming from there. In researching about them, we discovered mosquitoes have a life cycle of 8-10 days FROM EGG TO FLYING...
  14. Moozillion

    Canister filter question

    Has anyone had experience with a Fluval 407 canister filter? My razor backed musk turtle is in a 40 gallon breeder tank with a Fluval 207, which just isn't up to the task. I HAD coupled it with an under gravel filter, using a powerhead (Marine Land Maxi Jet Pro) to pull the water through the...
  15. Moozillion

    Safety of specialized aquatic plants soil?

    I am assuming that if aquatic plant soils like Fluval Stratum are safe for aquarium fish, they're also safe for turtles? Do y'all think that's a safe assumption? The soil and the plants would be in a permeable container or pot, so that said turtle would be less likely to stir it all up and trash...
  16. Moozillion

    Indoor mosquitoes?????

    Has anybody ever suddenly had a brood of mosquitoes hatch out of their INDOOR turtle aquarium??????!?!?? Ummm...Asking for a friend.
  17. Moozillion

    Requesting ideas from the hive mind

    Ok. I have had Millie, my Mississippi mud turtle for a couple of years now. She is a delightful character: very responsive and curious, and her tank is in our dining room so we interact with her throughout the day. I am trying to come up with an aquarium set up that will give her the best life...
  18. Moozillion

    Drilling an aquarium?

    Does anyone have experience drilling an aquarium for bulkheads to attach to EXTERNAL plumbing? I've watched so many videos of GORGEOUS natural looking aquariums on YouTube, and it seems they all are drilled and externally plumbed. That way there's minimal tubing inside the tank. I would like to...
  19. Moozillion

    Questions about this wild turtle

    Some friends of mine saw his little guy/gal was in the middle of a street in Lacombe, Louisiana earlier today. They picked him up and moved him off the street onto the grass in the direction he was trying to go. They figured that he owed them at least one photo to pay for the rescue. ? He was...
  20. Moozillion

    Double-checking glue safety

    I need to glue some things together in my mud turtle's aquarium, but it's been a looooong time since I've used glue in my turtle enclosures. I have 2 glues: Krazy Glue "contains cyanoacrylate" and Gorilla Glue "contains ethyl cyanoacrylate." If memory serves, they are both safe? And they're...