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  1. Nolan1992

    8 month old sulcata needs a good home

    Hello, I am looking for a good home for my baby Sulcata. I am located in Miami, Florida. He is around 5 inches, has a beautiful round shell, with a unique scute pattern. He is free to anyone who can assure me that he will be in good hands. It's very hard for me to leave him, but I am a college...
  2. Nolan1992

    Hatchling or yearling Russian tortoise

    Can someone point me in the direction of a good source to buy hatchling or yearling russian tortoises?
  3. Nolan1992

    Hermann's with my other pets . . .

    Why can't it be elevated using a table or something? That would solve the problem for the dog at least.
  4. Nolan1992

    worried about inactive tortoise (in NE) - please advise!

    you can buy them in bulk on as well
  5. Nolan1992

    We have decided to get a tortoise!

    I also vote for Hermanni!
  6. Nolan1992

    break in period?

    I guess they all usually take at least 5 hours or so to get it right.
  7. Nolan1992

    Comment by 'Nolan1992' in media 'Land Before Time!'

    Those dinosaurs are done for!
  8. Nolan1992

    break in period?

    Yeah hydrofarm? Mine did the same.
  9. Nolan1992

    Comment by 'Nolan1992' in media 'Lol'

    @bouaboua hahaha exacto!!!
  10. Nolan1992

    New guy here

    Hope you're not a jags fan. lol I saw that video of Underground working with the Tegus. I'm not really a fan of the inbreeding either.
  11. Nolan1992

    New guy here

    Those are some beauties. One day I might need help building a Tegu enclosure. I am definitely getting one at some point! I love the purple tiger Tegu, hopefully people get better at breeding them, and I can get one for cheaper in the future. Where in Florida? I'm from Daytona Beach.
  12. Nolan1992

    Help me im new :)

    Welcome, what you're looking for is a care sheet:
  13. Nolan1992

    What other breeds does everyone have

    loooooool, cheeky
  14. Nolan1992

    Kame the Radaiated Tortoise

    Kame is turtle in japanese right?
  15. Nolan1992


    Love that picture of him with your RES :)
  16. Nolan1992

    Hey ladies and gentleman

    Welcome Samuel
  17. Nolan1992

    New member with a question, please??

    Welcome, share a picture :)
  18. Nolan1992

    may have found my sulcata on CL!

    Not sure if you're still in Florida or looking for a Sulcata but this is a Rescue in Homestead. I inquired about volunteering there, but it's ran by a couple out of their backyard, really nice people.
  19. Nolan1992

    worried about inactive tortoise (in NE) - please advise!

    Or if you're really desperate to get him eating, try the reptile munchies. They're not bad for the tortoise as a supplement to the diet. The bad part was that he wouldn't go back to what he was eating. On a good note, they're full of fiber, they had more tort dumping huge loads daily.
  20. Nolan1992

    worried about inactive tortoise (in NE) - please advise!

    Well I can tell you one thing that could explain the lack of eating (maybe not), I think he could be transitioning over from the crappy diet at petsmart. I am always at petsmart because I buy crickets for my Leopard Gecko there every week. It's a 15 minute drive or so and when I get there I like...