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    the best carrier for a tortoise?

    I would follow the advice others have given here. Brumation comes with some risk and is not absolutely necessary. Use the time to practice being a tort parent and ensuring your tort is on a schedule that includes, proper hydration (daily soaks), good plane of nutrition (see care sheets)...
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    Getting desperate with Ares desert tort

    Good luck. Unfortunately, having experience with exotics or reptiles is not the same as having tort experience. Torts have a very different physiology and metabolism than other reptiles. Their anatomy, particularly their shell presents a unique challenge. Thus, you need someone who is very...
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    Getting desperate with Ares desert tort

    You definitely need a vet with expertise in torts asap. Try and get into Dr. Molnar in Calabasas. I don't know how far you are from this vet, but they are another good option. You may want to contact Access as a backup. This is going on far, far too long.
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    Does the beak and nails

    As Yvonne G indicated, your tort's nails aren't too bad. The beak is a little overgrown and could use a little trim. You can do both nails and beak yourself, but for the first time, a little assistance (and moral support!) are a good idea. Yes, it should be done, but this is not an emergency...
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    (EMERGENCY!!!) Ivermectin Toxicity now!

    Sorry to hear that. I would double check as to what was to actually administered. I would encourage you to call the ASPCA Poison Control--they are very expert in terms of knowing what to do to combat a toxicity.
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    (EMERGENCY!!!) Ivermectin Toxicity now!

    As Tom suggested, try to confirm what the tort was given. Call the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (do this NOW). If the material was administered topically, wash off the tort using some gentle dish soap (do this NOW). You may need to see...
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    Tortoise been throwing up for days

    Hello-I am very sorry your tort is not feeling well. This tort needs expert care asap. Unfortunately, I do not know a specific vet in MN that specializes in tortoises. Fortunately you are near the Twin Cities area, so you should have options. I would suggest you contact the University of MN...
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    Vet Cost?

    I second Tom's advice. While there is nothing wrong it's a good time to identify a good tortoise vet near you so that when you need someone you know who to call. Such individuals are not easy to find and it can take a lot of time and searching (something that you don't have in an emergency)...
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    I accidentally left baby tort in poop water for an hour…

    Sounds like you are having fun with your stray!! However, I'd suggest putting the soaking dish on the floor.....torts learn to escape their soaking dish and a fall off the counter would be tragic.......
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    Looking to re-home a Russian tortoise

    Hello, Is this tort still available?
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    Any vets recommendation for "Red foot tortoise" in Atlanta GA?

    Jorge Mayer at UGA is also excellent.
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    Old cyst?

    Since you don't know what it is (dead skin, old abscess, papilloma, etc.) and tort skin is fairly fragile and torts don't heal very fast, I would monitor it for a bit to see whether it changes--heals on own, gets bigger, etc. It might help to take a photo every few days.
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    How harmful are insecticides for tortoises?

    So sorry this happened. It's good that your family moved the tortoises. I would also have them gently wash each tortoise using a gentle, unscented soap and rinse well as most insecticides can be absorbed through skin. Try to find out what the insecticide is as that will give you information...
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    Sigh indoor garden with unwanted guest plants

    The young shoots are edible and quite nice. Once they are more than 5-6 inches in height they aren't great.
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    Shipping my Russian Tortoise to Canada or bring him with me ?

    Take him with you. Get a tote bag and a couple Snuggle Safes (get at least 2; Amazon has them; might be able to get at local pet stores). The Snuggle Safes stay warm about 8-10 hours and can be heated in a microwave along the way. Line the tote bag with towels, place a heated Snuggle Safe in...
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    It's That Time Of Year

    I would second ZenHerper's warning about botulism. The spores of Clostridium botulinum are in the soil. They are well known to germinate if conditions are right.....moist greens in a vacuum pack is perfect....Once the spores germinate, the bacteria produce a lethal toxin that causes botulism...
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    How to obliterate caterpillars?

    Looks like cabbage worms. They are harmless, but annoying! No spines, so probably won't harm your tort if it eats them. Spray BT on your radishes and cabbage and other plants that are affected. The caterpillars will ingest it as they feed on the plants and once internalized, the BT crystals...
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    Moving Homes with Tortoise

    I use a canvas tote to transport my tort. I line it with a thick layer of towels and under a couple layers of towels I place a Snuggle Safe. The Snuggle Safe (look up on Amazon) is a reusable disc that can be heated in microwave (follow directions on time). It will stay warm up to 10 hours...
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    How to obliterate caterpillars?

    If they have spines, better to not let your torts eat them. The spines can work their way out of the GI tract and cause internal damage, including abscesses. Avoid malathion near torts. BT ok but needs to be applied to something the caterpillars will eat, so need to figure out what plant/tree...
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    Help, tortoise injured by dog

    Thank you for helping this tort. Please get it to a veterinarian or local animal health worker as soon as possible. In the meantime, you need to provide supportive care and as others have indicated, keep the wounds free of flies and infection. Keep the tortoise in a safe, confined area with a...