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    Can someone show a Herman tortoise enclosure?

    I use an insulated dog house(you can google them) I got from tractor supply. I keep mine indoors in my study. The insulation really helps keep the temps up. And being a dog house it's very large. I cut holes in the roof for the lighting.
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    Is my Herrmann's tortoise walking properly?

    It's hard to tell from pics. Video would be better. Mine sticks his back legs out like they. They look like elephant legs lol.
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    New Russian tortoise and would like some help.

    Young torts will sleep 20 hours or more per day. That is not unusual. He looks healthy to me. Enjoy!
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    My tortoise Fajita is driving me insane.

    How deep is the soil? She may be wanting to burrow and can't and is getting frustrated. This is the time of year the do it. Make sure your soil is deep enough for her to dig into and fully bury herself if she wants.
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    Herman tortoise

    Mine is doing the same thing. I dig him out every 2 or 3 days. Hes only 1 years old. He soaks and eats really well well and then goes and burroughs back down after. Rinse and Repeat. He sleeps about 22 hours a day. I think they do that until around the 5 year mark.
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    Keeping tort warm in winter

    Is his enclosure open top or closed? No light at night but you could use one of those ceramic heat lamps at night.
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    Football Season

    Boomer Sooner!
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    Help!! (Trouble Breathing?)

    Glad he is better!
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    What is the type of this tortoies? Please help i am new member 🌿

    Nice young Hermanns you have there. He looks like mine.
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    they're mating:)

    Go get her little fella haha.
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    Where to buy a tortoise enclosure

    Any sturdy bookcase will do. Mine is 6x3 and it perfect for my youngster. Will go bigger in a few years. Just take the shelves out and apply a backing. I cut down a sheet of plywood and nailed to the back of the book case. Then put down a shower curtain liner on the bottom with a staple gun. I...
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    Where to buy a tortoise enclosure

    I built mine out of a bookcase. Really cheap and easy.
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    Russian Tort burrowing during the summer heat

    My young Hermann burroughs out of sight. I wake him every 2 or 3 days to eat, soak, and exercise. After a couple hours he borroughs back down and repeat.
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    Worried about my little Herman tortoise 🐢

    I am having the same issue as Claire. We got a new Hermann almost 2 weeks ago. He is 8 months old. He sleeps all day and night! I have been waking him up to eat every 2 or 3 days. He just stays burrowed all the time. When he's awake he eats very well, likes his bath's, and seems very happy and...
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    What is this bump??

    Glad you got it taken care of and hope he makes a full recovery!
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    Help to identify?

    It could be a Western Hermanns but it looks more like an Egyptian or Greek to me.