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    Carol S

    on her profile, click on "start a conversation". It's basically a DM
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    Can Russians eat artichoke flowers, like the part humans eat? If so, what part can they eat? Do we need to chop it up really small or cook it or something to make it less tough?
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    Carol S

    I got my two and a half year old Russian tortoise from @Carol S yesterday. He arrived perfectly safe and healthy, and after a warm soak he was very alert and exploring his new enclosure. He doesn't mind being handled, ate soon after we gave him food, and acted the way any healthy tortoise does...
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    What temperature and how often should I soak my 2 and a half year old Russian tortoise? We soaked him yesterday right after we got him for 20 minutes in what began as lukewarm water, but it quickly cooled down.
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    how to mount a uvb light

    I'm getting a Russian next week, and I bought a 22 inch zoo med reptisun uvb light. The only problem is, we can't find a fixture for it. They all either already have lights or the wrong size. Where can I find one?
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    where to find orchid bark

    I've heard a lot of good things about using orchid bark as a substrate. Where can I find it?
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    how to keep a tortoise entertained

    I haven't gotten everything yet, but I'm getting a 6 month-1 year year old tortoise from Tortoise Town. 5 1/2 by 2 1/2 foot enclosure, 10.0 uvb light (probably zoo med?), a low-sided terracotta bowl for water, I will be using a flat rock or piece of slate for food and probably basking too. I'm...
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    how to keep a tortoise entertained

    So I'm getting a Russian tortoise pretty soon and I was going through the things I need to get for his enclosure. I got all the basic things (substrate, heat light, uvb light, water dish, hide) but what other things can I put in or toys or something to keep him entertained?
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    This has probably been asked before

    What is the best substrate for Russian tortoises that is also fairly cheep? I have read so much and I am so confused right now. I found a large block of expandable coconut coir for cheep, and I've read that that will work. I've heard that you want cypress mulch or hay or something on top to...
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    Tortoises and sound

    I will probably be getting a Russian Tortoise soon, and I will be keeping him in my room. The one thing I'm worried about is that I play violin and practice in my room. I don't want to cause my tortoise any discomfort with high pitched or loud sounds, given that several places in the pieces I'm...
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    Tortoises with other pets?

    I have two cats, and I really want to get a tortoise, but my mom is really worried that the cats will try and attack the tortoise. How can I cat-proof an enclosure?