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    Croatia on fire...sad news

    Hi. This summer fires in Croatia are very frequent. The last one, near Zadar, still isn't under control. Unfortunately, it has been set up. Many houses are burnt to ground and some innocent tortoise lifes have been taken. This little one survived, as the newspaper say that way. But honestly I'm...
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    Torts in the wild

    Croatia :). You'll love the coast, too.
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    RIP Joe :(

    I just saw this thread. I'm so sorry, this is heartbreaking. Hope you are well. Lots of hugs <3
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    Happy Birthday, Zero Pilot!!

    I'm late. But happy birthday :).
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    rescued tortoise lethargic and leaving spots of blood

    That could be septicemia as his shell is pinkish. So there could be an infection and maybe an open wound. He needs a vet as soon as possible because you're gonna loose him. This is very serious :(.
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    rescued tortoise lethargic and leaving spots of blood

    I think you should take him to the vet. This sounds serious.
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    I think it's a personal choice. If you feel you can do it and know how to do it, why not. However I think it is just to risky and I heard horror stories from people who have done it for years and then their animal just died.
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    Sad day

    I'm so happy to hear this. Your mum is great and I'm sure you'll work things out.
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    Sad day

    She obiviously is feeling guilty for doing it and maybe it is unecessary. Of course it is her decision but I will offer my opinion...After all, that is the point of this thread. She did ask what should she do.
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    Sad day

    I wouldn't do it if I were you. From what I've read your care is great and I'm sure you have those 10 min daily for her. And in a few years, maybe you'll move to a house with a big garden and you're gonna be sorry you gave her. Do you really think she will be better with someone else? I doubt it...
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    Head Butting Help!

    I have to know: crocs shoes? :D
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    Dry shell

    You can build them with a little help. It is the best and cheapest way :). That's what we did for our Hermanni, both indoors and outdoors. The only downside is we have an open table but as he has his own room so humidity isn't an issue. Go into the enclosure section, people even make them on two...
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    How Can I Treat his mouth?

    I really love your posts and you tend to say what I think. Of course Mina is helping as he can and I believe he is a great person for doing it. But to do animal rescue you need to have financial support and a great vet. Without these two I don't think it is possible to help a animal. And you...
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    How Can I Treat his mouth?

    These pictures are terrible and disgusting. Poor animals, it makes me so sad :(.
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    How Can I Treat his mouth?

    I'm so sorry for your loss :(.
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    Dry shell

    Cute baby eating :D. But their enclosures are far too small. They need much more space.
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    I would soak him daily in baby carrot as it has helped me a lot. Mix 1 jar of baby food in his warm soak and leave him for 30 min (water needs to stay warmish). And you may wanna get reptoboost as Joesmum suggested :). I heard it helps sluggish torts.
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    Help! I think my baby Indian Stars are getting sick!

    Great :). Good luck.
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    Hyperactive tortoise

    I'm so sorry dear :(. Take your time.
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    How Can I Treat his mouth?

    Mina how do you know it's mouth rot? I'm sorry but that tortoise looks very sick and I think only a vet can help him. I think you should have known by now how dangerous is to treat them with drugs without supervision :(.