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    Tortoise-Safe ways to get rid of ants?

    I'm in Louisiana and its only a few. It isn't really a huge problem I just don't want them to hurt my tortoise or anything.
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    Outdoor redfoot enclosure

    I live in Louisiana. And thank you, I'm planning on putting them both in the new outdoor enclosure at the same time. Will that be a problem, will I have to let one settle in the enclosure first?
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    Tortoise-Safe ways to get rid of ants?

    I've noticed a lot of small ants have been getting into my tortoises outdoor enclosure. Is there any way to get rid of them without poisons? I've read that boiling water works on the hills but there aren't any inside the enclosure. I've also read that mint plants work well. What is a good mint...
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    Outdoor redfoot enclosure

    I'm planning on building an outdoor redfoot enclosure for my baby redfoot. I've had him for about a year now but I want to let him outside while im at school and eventually all day. I've been looking for a while and found several good ideas. Can anyone share photos of theres and...
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    I have a lot of experience with tortoises and turtles, i've had mine for over 3 years now.. But recently my mississippi map [baby] escaped. It actually took me 2 and a half days to find him... I just found him and hes pretty much halfway dead.. his eyes are closed shut and hes just floating in...
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    Wishing you all a Happy Easter!

    Just a photo to wish you guys a Happy and safe Easter :) [hr]
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    how'd you get them all that color? Did you set their incubator temps to a certain degree?
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    Hypo Redfoot

    I'm jealous!
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    adorable little munchkins
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    wow...... true beauty
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    Im easily aggravated

    Well on other social medias like keek and instagram i notice people tend to call tortoises turtles and turtles tortoises. I've gotta say IT AGGERVATES ME SO MUCH. Like you have no idea i just wanna fly to their house and backhand them. And then when they post pictures of their turtle in their...
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    i honestly feel so bad for them :(
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    Online adopting

    everyone says they're "abusive"
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    For the true tortoise fans!! Funny!

    i love the footrest!
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    Doesn't use hides - normal?

    maybe every night before you turn the lights off, place her in her hide that away she knows she has a place to sleep at night
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    Enclosure for redfoots

    Could you guys share some pics of your indoor/outdoor enclosure? I just want to get ideas because when i get older im planning on having a HUGE backyard full of enclosures :D Thanks
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    So cute

    i was reading online and it said some RF's in the wild actually go in ponds and stuff and catch fish and eat live plants UNDERWATER!
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    My new baby :-)

    adorable! take proper care of him and he will grow old with you!
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    So cute

    Well he was scratching his side against my bed frame and i started petting him and he was freaking out. i think he was really excited though!
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    So cute

    So my baby RF let me scratch his back for the first time and he LOVED it! It was so cute he was wiggling back and forth! hah unfortunately i only got a pic of it, instead of a video!