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  1. koathetort

    Dropped Onto Grass

    Absolutely. I literally haven’t seen any kids in over a year and a half (since Covid) and I just didn’t think about it. Honestly, it’s very doubtful I’ll let a kid hold him again. Thanks for the tips :)
  2. koathetort

    Dropped Onto Grass

    Hi all, I don’t know what I was thinking but today I let my neighbour's granddaughter hold my ~2 year old leopard and she dropped him. Its totally my fault, she’s only 5 and I really should have known better. He was about at her waist height, and as I said she’s 5 so I doubt it was more than...
  3. koathetort

    Happy First Birthday Koa!

    Koa is officially a year old! As of this morning, she’s 163g, and is active and eating tons! Her second layer of white is starting to come in, and she’s so stinking cute. I made a “cake” for her out of mazuri ls, black kale, cactus and dried hibiscus. Happy birthday Koa!
  4. koathetort

    Help! Silicone for Enclosures? Aquarium safe?

    Thanks so much for your reply, I really appreciate it! The container does say “100% silicone” and doesn’t say anything about mould resistance, just gives a 10 year guarantee. I looked up the compound on the back, and it looks to be a polymer cross linker to make the silicone stronger and dry...
  5. koathetort

    Help! Silicone for Enclosures? Aquarium safe?

    Hi everyone, I recently built a new enclosure for my baby leopard tortoise koa, and used the silicone pictured below, “mono silicone pro”. I didn’t realize that there were different types or that there was a specific one for aquariums, but now I’m worried. It was allowed to cure for over a...
  6. koathetort

    Hello from Koa!

    Thank you!! I’m certainly trying my absolute best to make sure she’s as happy and healthy as possible :)
  7. koathetort

    Hello from Koa!

    Hi everyone! Koa came home about 5 weeks ago, and I just wanted to show “her” off! She was 100g exactly when she got home, and is now 124g as of Sunday! I finished building and monitoring her new enclosure for temps humidity, etc. about a week ago and put her in, and she loves it. It’s about...
  8. koathetort

    Anyone willing to ship organic mulberry leaves to me?

    Hey @leoturt any way you’d be willing to send some to me too? I can pay :)
  9. koathetort

    Thanks, I appreciate it!

    Thanks, I appreciate it!
  10. koathetort

    Wood Stain? Paint?

    Hi everyone! Can you use wood stain or paint on the outside and the inside of a wooden enclosure? I know fumes can be incredibly harmful, is there a certain brand that works best? I would prefer to use stain rather than paint. Should I just not paint or stain it at all? Thanks in advance...
  11. koathetort

    Hello from Koa the Leopard!

    Sure have! Probably read it 20 times at this point, haha!
  12. koathetort

    Hello from Koa the Leopard!

    Thank you! The breeder definitely wasn’t the issue, he’s great and has raised hundreds of babies over many years. Doesn’t start them dry, soaks twice a day, and super knowledgeable about everything. No one could figure out what was going on with my last baby, it broke my heart when she passed away.
  13. koathetort

    Hi Tom, I have a couple questions for you: -for you flood bulbs, do you use dome fixtures to...

    Hi Tom, I have a couple questions for you: -for you flood bulbs, do you use dome fixtures to house them in? -would you recommend 5.0 or 10.0 reptisun T5 HO tube lighting? Thanks in advance!
  14. koathetort

    Hello from Koa the Leopard!

    Hi there! My name is Kate, and I’m located on the west coast of BC, Canada. I’m about to be the proud owner of a beautiful 9 month old high white leopard tortoise. She’s extremely well started and is growing like a weed at her breeders house until I’m back from vacation! I had a baby leo that...