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  1. Wpagey

    Things I Do

    When we got our tort 1 1/2 years ago, we were given the somewhat insulated dog house with a CHE that the previous owners were using. After finding The Forum, we went to heat mat below and rhp above as well as building Toms nightbox. Having heat from above and below is working much better for us.
  2. Wpagey

    Things I Do

    Thanks…I like the two settings feature also. How long have you had those in use?
  3. Wpagey

    Things I Do

    The thermostat probe is what is on the cold side, and the tortoise moves to wherever he likes
  4. Wpagey

    Things I Do

    We live in SoCal, have an 80 lb 12 year old Sully, who lives outside with 4x4x2 nightbox using Tom’s design. Inside has heated floor mat and 40 watt rhp above. This is the first winter with this setup and I think we need more rhp heat. The thermostat probe is on the cold side of the box and...
  5. Wpagey

    Crickets (??) in the night box

    All that chirping probably keeps the poor Tort up all night too! 😝
  6. Wpagey

    Anxiety about swarming ants (SoCal)

    Yep, always careful.
  7. Wpagey

    Anxiety about swarming ants (SoCal)

    We’ve had good luck with a dusting of First Saturday Lime. Around outside of house and in chicken coop too.
  8. Wpagey

    Opuntia ID

    The Mexican market has about that much those for $2-4.00.
  9. Wpagey

    Male EBT at His Best All Coconut Oiled Up

    Probably like most things, best in moderation.
  10. Wpagey

    Pop up ads

    That’s the only choices they offer
  11. Wpagey

    Tom is Not The Only Expert!

    Best comment so far... It's clear that Tom has a lot of knowledge and is not shy about spending his precious time sharing it with anyone who asks. In his effort to be factual and brief, it may seem a little off-putting to some. I'm sure we could all pile on Tom with our own list of his faults...
  12. Wpagey

    Urgent Desert Tort rescue, need the TFO champions please (PHOTO TRIGGER WARNING, graphic pictures)

    Or a tight rubber band and let it finish falling off
  13. Wpagey

    Water heater drip pan plastic affected by sun?

    I first tried some smaller rocks that didn't seem to change anything, but after swapping for several rocks large enough to be visible above the water surface, he is using his own water dish again. Of course he still knocks over the dogs water all the time...
  14. Wpagey

    Do tortoises play?

    When painting our deck, the furniture was moved onto the grass and our big sully immediately took to moving the chairs all over the place--looks like tort-play to me!
  15. Wpagey

    Water heater drip pan plastic affected by sun?

    Hi Everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying their yard dinosaurs as much as we are. Yesterday I saw our 12 year old sulcata drinking from the dog’s water dish even tho I give him fresh water every day in his own dish—a large, black plastic water heater drip pan. His dish is placed in a shady spot...
  16. Wpagey

    Single Tortoise Night Box

    Still working on progress…
  17. Wpagey

    Single Tortoise Night Box

    How big is the opening of that single tort nightbox? Thanks for sharing these pics, my box is being modeled after this for our single 11yr old sulcata, and I don’t want to be widening it in 10 years!😝
  18. Wpagey

    Sulcata broke his beak

    Hi Tom, I'm sure this has been answered someplace, but I cannot seem to locate it. The RHP we have mounted on the night box lid is keeping the temps more consistent, but it seems too far above the tort to be the most effective. How far above the tort should it ideally be? Also, do you know a...
  19. Wpagey

    Turtles and Tortoises for Dummies

    I found a book that was not definitive on whether or not turtles were in the reptile family