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  1. Tortoisefanatic88

    Weight of 3.5 yrs old Sulcata

    He looks great. Your doing an excellent job caring for him
  2. Tortoisefanatic88

    Carolina Pet Supply

    I ordered cactus pads now over 2 weeks ago. They have not responded to 3 of my emails now and they usually used to email right back. I will be calling my credit company soon and getting my money back. They have horrible customer service and it seems to just be getting worse.
  3. Tortoisefanatic88

    Weight of 3.5 yrs old Sulcata

    Any pictures of him?
  4. Tortoisefanatic88

    How long can a 1.5 inch sulcata not eat?

    I’m sorry. I had been following this thread the last few days hoping for best for your sulcata :(
  5. Tortoisefanatic88

    I Finally Own A South African Leopard Tortoise!

    201 grams on the scale yesterday. Here’s a picture from this morning
  6. Tortoisefanatic88

    My official p.pardalis leopard tort page

    My SA Leopard tortoise will be a year old in April and his shell looks just like your 2 year old's in the pictures. He has minor pyramiding just on his top scutes like yours. Are leopards prone to pyramiding? I have raise him in humid conditions and followed all the instructions perfectly. I...
  7. Tortoisefanatic88

    Moral/Ethical Business Dilemma

    The highlighted quote angers me somewhat. Tom you did nothing wrong and even offered a replacement tortoise at half price. For the customer to say any of that I would not offer anything now that the 3rd party has decided in your favor. When I discovered this forum I spent days on here doing...
  8. Tortoisefanatic88

    Tortoise back leg problems-need help

    Any update? Hoping for the best for your tortoise
  9. Tortoisefanatic88

    My South African Leopard - FINALLY!

    Congrats. Definitely a great feeling [emoji217]
  10. Tortoisefanatic88

    Can I keep my sulcata outside full time?

    At 3 years old they can stay outside all day. I still bring mine inside at night and have him sleep in a humid night box. He’ll be 4 in April
  11. Tortoisefanatic88

    South African leopard tortoise

    What is the size and weight? It's seems doubtful that it is an Ethiopian leopard. They are extremely rare. They can grow to sulcata like size and to my knowledge no one here in the US owns one.
  12. Tortoisefanatic88

    My Tortoises, please come in to take a look =)

    Beautiful tortoises. Great video
  13. Tortoisefanatic88

    they never give up

    Seen this on the news too [emoji35] I agree with the OP of what to do with the people that did this
  14. Tortoisefanatic88

    I Finally Own A South African Leopard Tortoise!

    181 grams up from 100 at the end of December. So far it’s been nothing but steady growth since I received him in June weighing only 30 grams.
  15. Tortoisefanatic88

    I need advice please :(

    A few warm soaks everyday and turn the temperature up in his enclosure a little bit. Watch his behavior and see if anything is out of ordinary . How is he acting now?
  16. Tortoisefanatic88

    I Finally Own A South African Leopard Tortoise!

    I agree. His skin color has also changed now. It's very light with black speckling. Big difference from the pictures now. I'll upload new pictures soon.
  17. Tortoisefanatic88

    South African leopard tortoise

    Whether it's a SA or not that leopard is beautiful
  18. Tortoisefanatic88

    My Sully will be 24 Yrs old in December!

    Congrats and here’s to many many many more years [emoji217]
  19. Tortoisefanatic88

    New video up today featuring MONSTRO!

    He’s looking great. I also seen the video you uploaded yesterday of the Sudans on YouTube as well.
  20. Tortoisefanatic88

    I Finally Own A South African Leopard Tortoise!

    Its been a while since I’ve been here. Just really busy with work but my SA leopard is doing just fine. Here a photo from November 18th. 100 grams on the nose. Here’s 2 more photos from late December