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  1. Albinoboidsetc

    Dipp and Dott checking out their pen and a pregnant Boss Lady

    Now that it's blooming, here are the pictures. See it's not a pot plant lol. Although I did think that this was the white one, Oh well I have a ton of seeds I still need to plant of different color flowers.
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    Recent Hatchling

    Awesome! congrats
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    Sulcatas, where are they?

    Awesome pic :) I love seeing them hiding in the food lol
  4. Albinoboidsetc

    Sulcatas, where are they?

    I was thinking about doing taking the lid off so they could have somewhere to dig. That plant, I'm actually getting ready to pull out because I have no clue what it is. All I planted out there was grass, some pumpkin, greens, lettuce, weeds, clover, and hibiscus seeds. So what ever that is it...
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    Torts do the funniest things

    The way I have Dipp and Dotts inside pen is such that from time to time I have to stand in the center of it to get to some of my other cages. Well the other day I was setting up a new hypo honduran and had one foot in the pen, Dott walked up and bit my ankle. When I jumped he huffed at me...
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    Evening Sunset Dinner

    I'd be tempted to lay down in the yard just to watch them at eye level. They are so cool looking.
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    Sulcatas, where are they?

    HAving some nice weather today so I put Dipp and Dott outside. I wound up using that plastic tub for them to hide/sleep in maybe it will discourage them from digging too much, they didn't dig much last year but who knows. Of course Dipp went right inside and kept peeking to see if I had left...
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    Thanks, he gets nicer and nicer each day. Boss Lady and really happy with him. To think if I had two Sulcatas dropped in my lap, I would never have gotten interested in tortoises and I would have missed out on all of these guys lol
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    Dipp and Dott checking out their pen and a pregnant Boss Lady

    Well good deal, at least I'm not the only person with a freak plant lol
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    EMY'S We have an Eye on You .....

    "Bring me cactus" lol
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    Thanks everyone, and wellington I am familiar with all but one of those threads, so thank you, now I have to go obsessively read every post on yet another thread lol :)
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    One day I'll be able to get one or two. Then I can have a little piece of that dream :)
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    How do you have time to do anything? I would never be able to leave their sides.
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    zenna breaks 100g!!

    Too cool, she is a beautiful little beasty
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    He is starting to get some marbling, kind of neat. It's also pretty cool that he has lost a lot of shyness. Now when the lights go on he hauls butt out of his hide box and sits in his water dish staring at the food dish, I gotta be quick or I get the evil tort eye. Just because...
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    That is a special kind of awesome when you need one of those to move 'em
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    I love tortoises art!!

    Awesome!!!! That pancake is almost worthy enough to sit on the same plate as a waffle lol
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    Dipp and Dott checking out their pen and a pregnant Boss Lady

    I wish I had had my good camera to get a better pic of him but iphone had to do.