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  1. roxy-lou

    Herman Nails cut and saw blood

    I trimmed his nails and was really careful to not cut too Much but even so saw blood drop from two nails about a minute after :( I was so heartbroken and felt really bad to have hurt him He wobbled around for a bit and I think he was hurting but after that seemed ok Won’t be doing that again...
  2. roxy-lou

    Is there a way I can find out if my tortoise likes music?

    Does anyone know if they can hear those devices that keep mice away The high pitched tone ones We had mice I was afraid to put it on in case my tort could hear it
  3. roxy-lou

    Told Not To Hibernate My Greek Tortoise

    I do hope your tort feels better soon May I please ask what is your hibernation method I have a Four year old and both he and I hate the fridge method Last year he wouldn’t sleep after several hours I took him Out and ended up overwintering him I’d like to try a more natural method Do you keep...
  4. roxy-lou

    Thanks for the welcome!

    Hi nic I’d be interested in taking a female Herman for company for my 4 year old herman Pls get in touch if you have any at the right time Thank you ?
  5. roxy-lou

    Herman alternatives for mating

    Can anyone suggest what items I could introduce to my sexually inquisitive male He is attracting towards human feet etc I was just wondering if anyone knew why they do that is it the smell of blood ? He is 4 years old What else will he like as I’d like to try to help him I read a rounded smooth...
  6. roxy-lou

    Hibernation problem tort won’t sleep

    Thanks so much Yvonne, appreciate your advice.
  7. roxy-lou

    Hibernation problem tort won’t sleep

    Hi can anyone help 3 week wind down completed I put our Tort into the fridge at approx 5.8degrees - that’s the lowest the fridge goes and he’s been in there for 2 years no problems at this temp before The problem is every time I check on him he’s wide awake Before this he was in the attic...
  8. roxy-lou

    My Hermann wont eat

    Dear GBTortoises I sprinkled some water in the enclosures and then put on the light and put Rocky under it. After a few hours offered him food and he took it really happily!! I hope thats the solution and if it is THANK you sooo much I have been so worried about him. I will keep you informed...
  9. roxy-lou

    My Hermann wont eat

    T I think I will try measurign the humidity first -thank you for your help.
  10. roxy-lou

    Injured baby

    He might not be eating because of the trauma he has suffered and also his new enviornment. I would keep him hydrated with lots of warm baths and leave some grass/weeds in his enclosure so that he can eat if he wants to. I would also offer him a basking warmth lamp (around 70-100Watts) and...
  11. roxy-lou

    My Hermann wont eat

    Also i am not sure how to check humidity level but I havent sprayed down the enclosures for some time.. should I be doing that?
  12. roxy-lou

    My Hermann wont eat

    He doesnt drink of his own free will so I give him regular baths and sometimes will try and force feed him a half teaspoon of water which he does take. I dont force feed him food though. I havent checked the temps with a thermometer but leave the heat lamp on for most of the day but he sits...
  13. roxy-lou

    My Hermann wont eat

    Hi everybody I am worried about my Hermann as he seems to have gone off his food and its been several weeks now. He is normally a good eater. With regards to his enclosure, he has heat but is not liking sitting under it for too long. He has never accepted UV bulbs, maybe they hurt his eyes...
  14. roxy-lou

    Super sleepy Hermann

    Hi the problem is that she wont sit under the basking light or UV lamp, I have tried different heights but she gets really anxious and tries the whole time to escape. i tried various heights and the watts are what she's had before. Never sits under UV but does bask when well. But lately wont...
  15. roxy-lou

    Super sleepy Hermann

    Hi I need help with my Hermann tortoise She is just 2 years old and lately she is just wanting to sleep. Nothing in her care has changed. She is refusing to sit under a basking light or UVB Light - she always hated UV lights but used to bask for hours but lately will run from it. Food - doesnt...
  16. roxy-lou

    My tortoise is an idiot...

    So cute Mine tries to always squeeze through tiny gaps and gets stuck when she hasn’t realised her shell is too big. Then will kick around for ages with back legs like something out of a cartoon when they run on the spot !
  17. roxy-lou

    Beak won’t open?

    Please try butternut squash I boil it from frozen then cook it and feed it whist it has water in it Same with boiled carrot slices and courgette slices Also popcorn is a firm favourite if I want to test I’d mine is off food. (Take kernel part out ) But mine goes nuts for butternut squash
  18. roxy-lou


    Photo now - posing
  19. roxy-lou


    hi everybody My hermann came out of hibernation and developed septicaemia As this was my first hibernation I had no ideas what septicaemia looked like and googled this site plus elsewhere - so I thought I would post some pics so that you know to act quickly if this happens to your fella or...
  20. roxy-lou

    New tortoise not eating, not pooping and always sleeping PLEASE HELP

    Hi Erica I’ve had my Hermann for 2 years and she does everything different to text book For example hates the UVB light - regardless of height of the lamp just won’t sit under it Loves a basking lamp though. She definitely has days where she just wants to sleep and others where she walks...