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  1. pryncesssc

    Extra Scutes!

    i think i read once that if they are incubated at too high or low (i dont remember which) of a temp that it can cause split scutes .. still a cutie though!!
  2. pryncesssc

    more EBT pics!

    Very cute ! Its a turtle model :)
  3. pryncesssc

    new member of family (EBT)

    I don't know if its the phone picture , but it looks more like a 3 toed box turtle in my opinion .
  4. pryncesssc

    Behavior changes. Should i be concerned?

    Do you have a UVB light for them ? That is very important for their development and should be placed about 12 inches from the ground of the cage ( or check the manufacturer directions )
  5. pryncesssc

    The Florida Box turtle Myth

    That is so cool !
  6. pryncesssc

    Indoor setup

    Aww Nora is beautiful !
  7. pryncesssc

    Owning a Box Turtle

    I have a 100 gallon trough that I use and I built a frame out of wood and it has a screen top on most of it and a hinged door on part ( for changing water) and the frame is bolted right into the plastic tub and I padlock it at night . We have horrible "city raccoons " in Chicago and they will...
  8. pryncesssc

    uvb/eastern boxie

    Yes I use the 18 inch long tubes
  9. pryncesssc

    Turtle bunch

    Cuties !!
  10. pryncesssc


    Haha of course I would pick a shy species! Although ornates seem to be the spunkiest of the N. American boxies :)
  11. pryncesssc


    Same here , I have had a bauri for a year now , and she is still very shy around me! I think it just takes years for them to really trust you ...
  12. pryncesssc

    Introducing Sweet Pea, Gulf Coast Boxie

    Good for you ! It's really nice of you to help the little guy out :)
  13. pryncesssc

    Red light

    Ceramic heat emmiter or a heat panel. Neither produce visable light so you can't possibly mess up their sleep! Pro products makes really great panels and they last a LONG time compared to any bulb I have ever used .
  14. pryncesssc

    uvb/eastern boxie

    I use 5.0 reptisun bulbs for the winter and try to get them outside the rest of the year !
  15. pryncesssc

    Introducing Sweet Pea, Gulf Coast Boxie

    Very cute! Will you be returning him to the wild in the spring ?
  16. pryncesssc

    Rest In Peace Poppy!

    RIP ! At least you have him a good life, even if it was for a short amount of time !
  17. pryncesssc

    What kind of turtle is this?

    Beautiful turtle . I love your username also !!
  18. pryncesssc

    My male ornate box help!

    It might just take him a while to trust you . I have had my boxies for a year , and they are still kind of shy around me ...
  19. pryncesssc

    My male ornate box help!

    Usually it means that they either don't like the way you are holding them , or he doesn't like being held at all. We have an ornate at the wildlife center I work at, and they seem extra cranky lol
  20. pryncesssc

    Hungry turts!

    How cute !!