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  1. DvotedMOMMY

    Personality Thread.

    Haha! Too cute! Love the pic of one peeking through the opening! :)
  2. DvotedMOMMY

    Personality Thread.

    Loved this shot I took today! My little one is not scared of me at all.. I lay on the floor next to her, and she usually comes running to me. Haha.. She is very use to my fingers, and is always attracted to them, I imagine because I hand feed her her first leaf/weed of her meal every time! :)...
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    Do torts like to get petted?

    LMBO!! xD[hr] Wow!! Looks to me like she feels it! As light as your are running your fingers on her, she seems to be ticklish! Too cute! :)
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    Red Foot Questions! (long/pics)

    She looks very happy in her new home! You sound like you are doing everything correctly, and she will turn out to be just fine! :) I too, after you mentioned these coco coir baskets? Would like to know if it is good as a humid hide.. :) Good luck with your little one!
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    Personality Thread.

    Hahaha.. xD Too funny, ehh?? Lol Thanks! :)
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    Personality Thread.

    OMG!! I absolutely LOOOVE this thread! Too funny! Some great shots in here! Love it! I have too many good shots, I'll try to just post a few! :) Here's my baby! My 2 1/2 month old leopard. :)
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    Kraken update!!! (PICS)

    Very nice looking Leo! Looks JUST like my baby! Haha! Mine is just starting to get her white ring though.. Beautiful little guy! :)
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    Pics of My Lil' Leo!

    Haha, yes! I love that shot! She looks like a Dinosaur! Tortosaurous! -LOL! (I'm nuts, I know.. Haha xD) The hide I bought from Petco, it is a small animal hide for like Guinea pigs/mice etc. they come in a few different sizes, but the opening isn't much wider on the biggest ones, :( so I don't...
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    Pics of My Lil' Leo!

    ;) Thanks!
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    Does your tortoise miss you?

    Aww, what a cutie! Love that pic! I think they learn fast.. Mine is only 2 1/2 months old, I've had Him/Her for around a month and a half-ish, and everyday I'd walk in the room, and talk like I would to a baby "Hi Baby! Good morning! You ready to eat??..etc" and dangle a piece of greens...
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    Pics of My Lil' Leo!

    Thanks! I think so too! ;) Haha[hr] Thank you! ;)
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    Male or female??

    Haha.. :) I'm a beginner, and no expert, but from what I've read/heard, seems to me you have a male, and he was flashing! Lol Too funny! :D
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    I knew there was at least one more

    What a cute little guy! :)
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    Pics of My Lil' Leo!

    Thank you! :) I LOVE your baby in your Avatar pic! I love sulcattas also! I think they are the cutest!
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    Pics of My Lil' Leo!

    Ok,, I realized I had to delete some previous repeated photos! :) Here are more pics! :D
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    Pics of My Lil' Leo!

    Aww,, the TFO iPhone app just said I cannot attach any more photos, because I reached my 50MB LIMIT?! Weird.. Lol I had a few more I wanted to add!
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    Pics of My Lil' Leo!

    Here are some of my favorite shots of my little 2 1/2 month old Leopard Tort! He/She is very photogenic! Haha :D The indoor shots are about 2 weeks old, the outdoor pics are of her today. It was the first REALLY warm day over here! We took her to the park with us, and boy was she adventurous! :D
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    Little cutiepies!!

    Hehe! :D Thank you! The photos are all of just my one tort.. :) He/She is around 2 1/2 months old. I love catching cute shots! I just snap my iPhone as fast as I can when she's eating, in hopes of getting a shot of her mouth open! Haha.. That's the one that looks like a yawn.. She was opening...
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    LOVE your photos! :)
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    Wow! What a great shot! Love it! :)