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  1. Gerardo Mtz LA

    Fully custom garden enclosure

    Ive been caring for my red foot for 10 years now and finally able to build my own home. I want to make a place for it, indoor or outdoor garden with edible plants. I live in Queretaro Mexico, max monthly temperature is 30C 86F and min is 18C 64F it’s a dry state, around 40% humidity. I wanted to...
  2. Gerardo Mtz LA

    Are chamomile flowers and leafs safe for Red Foot tortoise diet?

    I have a chamomile plant in my house and it’s growing faster than I can make tea out of it. I was wondering if it’s safe to feed it to my red foot. 6 year old, probably female. I also have oregano, thyme, mint, rosemary, Marjoram. If anyone knows if any of these are good for it I’d love to start...